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  • Tip: Faster, Better Search for Movable Type

    Out of the box Movable Type's (MT) search engine isn't terrible. It meets minimum requirements, is fairly accurate, but not much more. The big issue is performance. Under any sort of load, MT's native search starts to creak and groan, and suck gobs of CPU time. Enter Mark Carey and

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  • SixApart Does Business Blogging

    Today the maker of the ever famous blogging software MovableType has annouced a Business Blogging initiative with solutions for a number of organization types and industries. The foundation: either their Movable Type or their hosted TypePad software. Learn more.

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  • Happy Birthday Movable Type

    If I've got my sums right, Movable Type 1.0 was release 4 years ago tomorrow. Hey we don't scribble on Saturdays (most of the time), so this is going out today.

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  • Movable Type Ported to PHP

    Perl is great, but then only when someone else is programming it. During today's investigation with the new MT 3.1 code tree and with great pleasure, I delved into the "mt/php" directory. Dynamic Pages are a feature of MT 3.1. They are implemented with PHP.

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  • Movable Type 3.0 Review

    An enterprising young Neil Turner of York, United Kingdom has posted a review of the recently released Movable Type 3.0 Developers Edition. Neil steers far clear of the recent outcry (whining) about MT's new licensing model (What? Pay for software?).

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  • Is MovableType a Web CMS?

    The question that was posed to me recently was: "Can I use Movable Type as a Web CMS solution?" My answer: "Yes, but...". Movable Type is the prolific blogging tool produced by Ben and Mena Trott, the dynamic duo running Silicon Valley's SixApart. Its also the technology behind this and

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