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  • Blog Or Die: The Health Hazards of Pro Blogging

    Imagine that you work at a job where you are at risk for weight gain because you spend so much time sitting down, you get eye strain from staring at the computer for so long, you are expected to produce work on a regular basis, and you are at risk

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  • NYT Brings the Knowledge Network Online

    Receiving a liberal arts education is often likened to being raised by a village, where access to different voices and perspectives are readily available. Well, now that village is global. The New York Times has announced a new online initiative called the Knowledge Network, which links Times content with

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  • Elitist Knowledge Shares: Falling to the Wayside

    The walls are coming down. Or at least there are rumors of cracks. It should be happening any moment now. While we wait, let's consider recent rumblings. The New York Times' TimeSelect, a subscription only platform that provides access to archived content as well as popular opinion pieces, is rumored

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