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  • Nielsen: Web Users Are More Ruthless Than Ever

    You can bet that at this year's Usability Week Conference, Jakob Nielsen and his Nielsen Group members will be discussing the results of his latest web habits report.

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  • Newspapers Online: 2007 Record Setting Year

    If there is any doubt that users are going online to read their news, there's finally proof to dissuade you from thinking otherwise. According to data released in a new report by Nielsen Online for the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), average monthly unique audience figures for newspaper Web sites

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  • Jakob Nielsen Dishes Up The Best Intranets 2008

    Jakob Nielsen has released his latest Intranet Design Annual. In it he lists the 10 best Intranets for 2008, discussing why they won. While the winners are interesting to know, what’s even more important are the reasons why they won – offering best practices and guidance to companies who want to make their own Intranet better. According to the reports findings, there are

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