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  • Norman Marks: Reflections on GRC in 2010

    This year has been one of both progress and frustration when it comes to GRC. While there is a lot to cheer about, and hope for 2011, irritants and obstacles continue. • As I have written before, I support the Open Compliance and Ethics Group ( ) and

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  • The Value of Social Media for GRC Professionals

    If you think a GRC professional can't benefit from social media, think again.  Social Media and the GRC Professional What I want to cover in this piece is how in general individuals involved in managing GRC processes (such as risk officers, compliance professionals, internal auditors, corporate counsel, etc.

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  • Why is GRC an Important Topic?

    In May, I wrote about the fact that there is no commonly accepted definition of GRC. While it is understood that the acronym stands for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, each consultant and vendor -- to the consternation of practitioners -- seems to use a different definition to explain

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  • GRC: Let’s Talk About Governance

     Although risk is the often the most discussed element of GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance), it is important to understand all aspects. Let's start with Governance. In my last article, I talked about “What is GRC ?” and recommended the Open Compliance and Ethics Group’s (OCEG) definition.

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  • What is GRC?

    There is a new buzzword in the business world, or rather buzz abbreviation. GRC -- or governance, risk management and compliance -- has invaded the language of consultants (including the major accounting firms), analysts such as Gartner and Forrester Research, and software vendors.

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