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  • Web Publishing Roll-Up: Downsize, Merge, Spell Correctly

    Though the changing US political landscape has instilled hope among the masses, there's little to go around in the print industry as of late. Lots of lay-offs are impending and merges between print and digital media are inevitable. Downsizing the Publishing Industry * Time Inc., the biggest magazine publisher

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  • Newspapers Report Record Increase in Online Users

    Recently, a Nielsen Online report revealed that newspaper websites attracted a record number of unique visitors in the third quarter of 2008 -- a 15.8 percent increase over the same period a year ago. Newspaper website visitors generated an average of just over 3.5 billion page views per month throughout

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  • eZ Publish 4.0 Launches; Gets Even More Media Friendly

    Just out the door, eZ Systems announces the latest version of their flagship web content management product -- eZ Publish v4.0. Can you hear the cheers from the Open Source community now? Or how about from the online publishers, who eZ Systems' execs assert they are "200% focused on."The eZ Publish web

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  • BBC Grossly Under Estimates Web Revenues, Yet Layoffs Loom

    If you think your company failed to recognize the merit of its website until recently, you're not alone.

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  • Free Online Content Brings in Readers and Revenue

    Now there's proof that tearing down walls and unlatching gates has its merits -- in case you had your doubts. Nielsen recently released the latest ratings for online traffic for newspapers. The numbers indicate that "more people visited than any other newspaper Web site in October." With more than

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  • Web Ad Spending Jumps 21% for News Properties

    According to estimates from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) advertising spend on newspaper websites jumped by 21.1%, to US$ 773 million in Q3 2007 vs. Q3 2006.

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  • Elitist Knowledge Shares: Falling to the Wayside

    The walls are coming down. Or at least there are rumors of cracks. It should be happening any moment now. While we wait, let's consider recent rumblings. The New York Times' TimeSelect, a subscription only platform that provides access to archived content as well as popular opinion pieces, is rumored

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  • Web Publishers: Who Can You Trust?

    The few things that have eluded the online word -- as opposed to the infamous written word of yesteryear -- are metrics of validity and accuracy, and the grail of a referenceable reputation. With so many sites and so many people wanting to consume and interact, we never really can

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  • Web Publishing Geeks Converge on Sydney

    The 7th annual Open Publish 2007 conference kicks-off on August 1st in Sydney, Australia. The focus is content management and open standards in the context of both Web and print publishing. This year the show is brought to you by Allette Systems and CM Professionals member James Robert's Step Two

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