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  • ECM Buyers and the Open Source Question

    Two years ago we asked what turned out to be an interesting question: Which is better, open source or proprietary software? It sparked a heated debate. At that point, Open Source Software (OSS) wasn’t as widely received in the enterprise as it is today and many thought that its

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  • Elastic ball

    Elastic Makes It Easier to Connect the Dots

    Good things come from connecting the dots.  That’s what Elastic’s products help companies do. Based on open source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK), Elastic’s commercial products are leveraged by an impressive list of organizations to do some equally impressive things.

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  • Red Hat CEO: Open Source is Eating Software

    Forget that software is eating the world. By now, it’s a foregone conclusion. But CEOs who address their communities at conferences keep jumping up onto stages and quoting Marc Andreessen, who first made the observation in 2011, as if it were breaking news.

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    5 Facts About Open Source Software Security

    Last month security CrowdStrike published the kind of blog post that no IT security manager wants to read. It found a critical virtual machine escape vulnerability that the company named VENOM, which affected a number of open-source hypervisors, such as QEMU, Xen, KVM, VirtualBox and many derivatives of these products.

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  • Hey Cloudera MapR Open Data Platform is the Real Deal

    Hey Cloudera & MapR: Open Data Platform is the Real Deal

    If you thought the Open Data Platform (ODP) was just a bunch of hype, think again. This morning at the Hadoop Summit in Brussels, three big data crunching giants — Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal Software — are making big news.

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  • Apache What a Zoo

    Apache: What a Zoo

    "Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo ..." If you're old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkel, you may appreciate that 48 years ago this month, their song “At the Zoo” entered the Billboard Top 10.

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  • Kiai EMC Grasps Open Source Kicks Off Cloud Foundry Dojo

    Kiai! EMC Grasps Open Source, Kicks Off Cloud Foundry Dojo

    EMC CEO Joe Tucci’s star didn’t rise in an open source world. In fact, the idea of paying engineers to write code that would be donated to “the community” might have seemed as crazy to him as taking the doors off of all of his vacation homes and inviting a

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  • Who Wants an Open Data Platform Anyways?

    It turns out that some people do, in fact, want an Open Data Platform. Despite all of the brouhaha that might have gone down last week, first around Pivotal Software’s Data Event and then at Strata and Hadoop World, some of the vendors and companies that have signed onto the 

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  • Buyer Beware Demystifying Open Source Software Licenses

    Buyer Beware: Demystifying Open Source Software Licenses

    Not too long ago, acquiring software was pretty easy: gather requirements, meet with vendors to evaluate products, select the winner. Legal review took place late in the process, and the final terms that both customer and vendor could live with were generally agreed to quickly. That was then.

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  • Does Hadoop Need Saving

    Does Hadoop Need Saving?

    It was a big week for big data in Silicon Valley where O’Reilly’s Strata & Hadoop World Conference is ending today.

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  • Big Data for Geeks and Non-Geeks, Thanks Microsoft

    Microsoft aims to do one thing better than anyone else: bring the power of productivity tools, big data, machine learning and data driven insight to both every day Jacks and Jills and geeks, and makes it look simple.

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  • EMC Hippo Partner on Content Management for the Digital Era

    EMC, Hippo Partner on Content Management for the Digital Era

    It's long been a dream of content management solution providers from both sides of the street to offer Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM) capabilities under one roof to help companies optimize their information assets and provide enhanced customer experiences.

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  • EMC/VMware Spinoff Pivotal Tests Big Data's Golden Rule

    What’s good for the community is good for business. This is the new golden rule. Or at least that seems to be the case in the world of big data, where most commercial solutions are open source at their core.

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  • What Big Secret Will Pivotal Unveil Next Week?

    While it’s no secret that Pivotal is making a big announcement on Feb.

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