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  • Comcast Acquires Plaxo - The End of Data Interoperability?

    It’s a secret how much it cost them exactly, but Comcast officially confirmed it has acquired Plaxo, the social content and address book provider.

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  • Towards the Social Web: Ringside Seats for the Social Big Bang

    Bob Bickel of Ringside Networks is always sending interesting stuff to my trusty Thunderbird. His latest exposition is a timely call to arms regarding the Social Web, and is worth five minutes of any Webmaster's time. In essence, Bob's argument is that some version of open social (all rights reserved, Google Corp.) is happening, and that all you Webmasters are going to be dancing in the streets when you see what this thing will do. If, that is, you wake up

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  • Yahoo's Going Open Social With a SearchMonkey

    The open social party is apparently the place to be. Even old Microsoft just announced LiveMesh). Now Yahoo, who's Flickr photo sharing site is the second most popular used API on the web, has rolled out a limited preview to the developer platform they announced in February called

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  • CrownPeak Goes OpenSocial - Mashups Abound!

    CrownPeak has announced integrated support for Google's Open Social, Google Gadgets and a number of other social networking standards. CrownPeak customers will henceforth be able to build rich Web applications from within the CrownPeak CMS and share them on other sites including social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and

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