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  • Adobe Lends Weight to HTML 5 Efforts

    HTML, the core syntax markup for the web, is in transition. With new browsers, new technologies, the realization that updates and changes are needed has taken hold. A new version of HTML is in the works. And Adobe has joined the ranks of Opera, Mozilla and Apple to help

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  • Google Starts the Year with Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta

    With security issues plaguing the end of 2008, the browser wars are back in full swing. This time Google steps up to the plate, opening the new year of battle with their Chrome 2.0 pre-beta trial. Despite some wavering support for the initial, now stable release of Google Chrome

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  • Opera Mobile Sports New and Improved SDK

    If Macworld wasn't enough to excite you all, worry not, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off today in Las Vegas and runs through January 11.

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  • Internet Explorer Security Flaw Prompts People to Switch Browsers

    Internet Explorer has long been the topic of negative conversation in the tech community. And today is no different as a major security flaw has been announced that affects IE5 through the new IE8 beta. The flaw allows serious and far reaching attacks that are not just theoretical in

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  • Browser Wars: Mozilla is Fast, but Opera is Faster

    As the ever popular browser battle wages on all over computers around the world, a mini version, equal to its predecessor in casualties and bloodshed, is going on somewhere just as close to us -- our cell phones.

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  • Browser Wars: Is Opera 9.6 a Hit or a Miss?

    Opera Software announced the release of the newest version of their Web browser, Opera 9.6. With as much gusto as we imagine a software company can possibly muster, their Web browser boasts not only speed and performance improvements, but also a variety of new features. Fancy New Functionality Things

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  • Skyfire: Mobile Browsing Exactly Like PC Browsing

    A new player in the mobile web browsing playground is rapidly changing the mobile web content game. By launching their downloadable mobile web browser Skyfire has the potential to compete with Safari, Opera and other mobile browsers that are out there.

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  • Opera Mini Lowers Browser-Based Barriers to Entry

    Opera Mini Dimension's newest release hits beta June 19, and if you're a mobile user with some savvy, you've got reason to express your fine fuzzy feelings. That is, unless your carrier is Verizon Wireless. Then, well, no Opera for you.v3.1.

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