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  • Hack Your Way to Better Customer Experience

    Hack Your Way to Better Customer Experience

    How can you wrap your head around MarTech implementations to drive better customer experience? If you are a marketing professional pondering that question, then consider sending yourself or your team to a hackathon.

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  • Maximizing Your Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

    For years paid search has been part of the digital marketing solutions for businesses. But the role of paid search has been changing, thanks in part to enhanced campaigns — a paid search bid setting that permits bid customization to optimize a budget.

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  • The Benefits of Search Analytics in Google Webmaster

    Google Webmaster Search Console  has become a significant reporting influence for reviewing the performance of a site from the perspective of search traffic.

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  • How Treemaps Augment Google Analytics Reports

    How Treemaps Augment Google Analytics Reports

    Google has recently introduced a new treemap feature in its analytics reporting suite. Treemap visualization allows the user to quickly highlight the largest influence of a data set. For those of you who have never heard of a treemap, fear not.

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  • Can AgilOne Help You Optimize Your Marketing Spend?

    As consumers rapidly adopt new technologies, marketers are seeking new methods to connect with customers through their technology of choice. Moreover they are discovering opportunities to create connections using data from trusted analytics solutions such as Google Analytics. But some analysis is not always a straightforward review within a dashboard.

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  • My POV: Go Local for Digital Experience Insight

    My POV: Go Local for Digital Experience Insight

    There's no shortage of digital marketing conferences, given the rapid changes in technology and convergence of purposes that can arise from these technologies. But the best conferences often have a dedicated focus on local issues or highlight local leaders, like the recent MBO15 digital marketing conference in Indianapolis.

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  • How Evergage Makes Google Analytics Better

    Most business owners now understand analytics is an essential tool that can highlight efficiency and opportunities for innovation. This shift in thinking has lead to opportunities for innovating analytics measurement itself. One of the latest innovations comes from Evergage, a cloud-based platform that supports digital personalization campaigns.

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  • The Latest Reality on Augmented Reality

    Beacons have become the new black of 2015 — highly desired by retailers to enhance the customer experience. Well, another technology, Augmented Reality (AR). is also gaining traction, although it’s more of an oldie that has come back in style. Augmented Reality introduces new dynamics for strategy and analytics.

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  • 3 Ways Marketing Automation Boosts Business Efficiency

    "The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.

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  • Yes, Marketers: You Still Need Email for Digital CX

    Marketers often debate about which media to use in a campaign. But their sentiment about using email to engage customers is unanimous. An email campaign can be valuable because a list of subscribers forms a captive audience. These are people who have actively expressed a willingness for engagement.

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  • Getting a Grip on Google's New Analytics Feature

    Getting a Grip on Google's New Analytics Feature

    Google Analytics has become ubiquitous among marketers, web developers and business owners alike. And the resources available to support them are now equally broad. While most of the online resources are useful, it's hard to find a good overview of new feature changes.

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  • Do You Care What People Say About Your Brand on Facebook?

    Developing a targeted message for a Facebook fan page audience can be challenge. The challenge takes a new turn when a business is unaware of how positively or negatively its online activity is accepted among its fan page followers.

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  • Adobe Helps Marketers Measure a Changing World

    In recent years Adobe Systems has concentrated on refining Adobe Analytics into the Adobe Marketing Cloud solution. Adobe shared its updates at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit. The summit is a premier event for analytics practitioners, including many who still remember when Adobe Analytics was Omniture Site Catalyst.

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  • How Google Webmaster Tools Improve Your Search Strategy

    When a favorite toy is taken away from a child, the child cries. Digital marketers may have imagined their toyless inner child crying when Google revised the keyword data availability in its Google Analytics search reports.

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