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  • a profile page on SMILE intranet

    TUI Group's 3-Year Journey to a New Network of Intranets

    The tale of one company's multiyear effort merging 18 legacy intranets into a global family of intranets for 65,000 employees

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  • woman on a laptop

    Digital Workplace or No, an Intranet's Purpose Remains the Same

    The purpose of an intranet remains the same: to inform and connect staff across the broader organization. So when people ask where intranets fit in a digital workplace strategy the answer is, "where they always have.

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    How Modern Intranets Connect the Digital Workplace

    Digital tools have made us more efficient — there's nothing particularly groundbreaking in that statement.  Yet when we dissect the impact technology has had on our personal and professional lives, we can see the enormous influence it's had on the way we work and live.

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  • Puzzle pieces: The sum is greater than the parts

    A Digital Workplace Strategy Is More Than Its Parts

    In a world overflowing with content, tools and information, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture — especially when that big picture comprises so many moving parts. A modern digital workplace strategy is composed of communications, people, process, ideas, information, websites, tools, systems, metadata and more.

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  • woman looking out a window to the skyline below

    Intranets, the Window to Your Digital Workplace

    Enterprises have had a love/hate relationship with their intranets for more than two decades.  An intranet is often labeled an information hub, but in most cases the interface and the way information is organized are so unfriendly that many employees either ignore it or access it begrudgingly.

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  • group video and text chat in Skype for Business

    Is Microsoft Teams the 'Portal' We've Been Looking For?

    On day one of Microsoft Ignite, the company announced its Teams collaboration product would become the “hero client” for all communications functionality in Office 365 going forward.  Teams will subsume the functionality of Skype for Business for Office 365 users, bringing voice, video calling and even plain old telephone services

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  • dollar bill

    7 Free Enterprise Intranet Solutions (That Aren't Really Free)

    Intranets are the workhorses of internal communications.  Since their introduction in the mid-'90s, intranets have been used for corporate communications, collaboration, file sharing and knowledge management.

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  • bicycle flower delivery

    Avoid Intranet Pitfalls by Delivering Fast and Thinking Slow

    The complex business environments most organizations operate in can stop them from taking advantage of the many opportunities intranets offer. Teams are tasked with the rapid delivery of outcomes, while at the same time managing the conflicting stop-start-stop messages coming from senior leaders.

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  • standing on a subway platform

    How Your Digital Workplace Can Help Bridge the Digital Divide

    A confluence of workplace trends are creating deeply fragmented workplaces.  Growing workforce mobility, a widening generation gap, the increasing use of personal devices and applications and an intensifying talent war are creating divisions not only between employees, but between leadership and employees.  When workers feel disconnected, they consistently underperform.

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  • this man knows it's time for a change

    6 Signs Your Digital Workplace Needs a Change

    Given the sophistication of the consumer apps we use in our personal lives, it’s shocking how far behind many companies still lag these experiences.  Too often the focus of corporate intranets and other enterprise tools are on pushing one-way content rather than enabling vibrant multi-directional engagement between employees.

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  • Stihl Australia IT manager Therese Chakour-West

    How Stihl Australia Launched Its Award-Winning First Intranet

    Intranets don’t only improve internal communications and collaboration at large enterprises, they can also work some productivity magic at a small to midsize business like Stihl Australia. A subsidiary of a German global power tools manufacturer, Stihl Australia  is primarily a sales operation, with its 100 employees distributed between a

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  • hallway meeting

    New Opportunities for Internal Communicators

    Much of traditional internal communications has been about the delivery of fake news. Staff have not been fooled. Over the years, it really struck me how the output of most internal communications departments was disconnected from the real needs of the staff in their organizations.

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  • Brad Grissom, Southwest Airlines

    Brad Grissom: Intranets Provide the Hub for Employees to Make Connections

    Brad Grissom’s career path exemplifies how the separate skillsets of business and IT can meld harmoniously together. His background in business continuity and disaster recovery planning has proved very helpful in his current role as senior manager of communication and collaboration solutions at Southwest Airlines.

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  • Case of trophies

    Why FOA Won the Danish Intranet Prize

    Employees are the ultimate judges of intranet or digital workplace success.  You can have amazing design, innovative features and cutting-edge content, but if your users aren’t engaged or adoption is very low, your intranet isn’t really a success. Satisfied Users, The Best Sign of Intranet Success A number of intranet and digital workplace awards  provide

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