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    Time to Bring Knowledge to Knowledge Management

    I got a sinking feeling when I read a recent article entitled Why the Timing is Right for Knowledge Management Portals.  "Been there, done that" — a reaction both to the idea of resurrecting the failed portal concept and to the thought that respectable folks still see knowledge as manageable,

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  • switchboard

    Connecting the Customer Experience, One App at a Time

    Everything you do to market to, sell and support a customer requires a different application, each with its own content and data.

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  • piano tuner

    Fine-Tuning a Search-Based Intranet

    It's easy to get despondent about the state of search. But then a company takes a fresh approach, and it gives one hope. The example below from DNV-GL serves as a reminder that search can act as both an application and a platform.

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  • Liferay Beefs Up Portal With Red Hat Collaboration

    Liferay and Red Hat are collaborating on an open source portal that combines Liferay Portal and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP). The product is targeting a growing cadre of companies that want more open-source, enterprise grade portal options, the companies maintain.

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  • Pile of turtles

    Building Up a Microsoft Intranet in a Box

    In the midst of all the Office 365 Groups questions and Windows updates, an interesting trend bubbled under the surface at Microsoft Ignite that remains to be answered: What’s the preferred way to build your intranet in the cloud? Microsoft won’t be answering that — it’s not in its model

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  • Question Mark

    The Million Dollar Question: What Is Intranet Success?

    How do you determine the success (or otherwise) of your intranet? It’s the million dollar question and there are many ways to answer it.

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  • Inigo Montoya Information Manager

    Inigo Montoya, Information Manager

    Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my intranet. Prepare to die. We turn today to the silver screen to see what lessons information management professionals might learn from a classic Hollywood comedy.

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  • Forget ESNs Give Me a Digital Workplace

    Forget ESNs, Give Me a Digital Workplace

    Experiencing dèjá vu? If the title of this article sounds vaguely familiar, you would be right. Laurence Hart's recent post, “Forget Intranets, Give Me an ESN,” deserved a rebuttal. And here it is. Intranets Have Failed.

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  • Collaboration in the New Age of Intranets

    Collaboration in the New Age of Intranets

    Intranets held such promise in the early days of the Internet. Then they became the butt of many a joke in the enterprise. Q: Where does useful information go to die? A: Our intranet.

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  • Why Choose Mix and Match Tools to Fit Your Digital Workplace Needs

    Why Choose? Mix and Match Tools to Fit Your Digital Workplace Needs

    Traditional intranets, dominated by top-down corporate communications, are seen as outdated, no longer fit for modern, networked organizations. ESNs, so their champions say, are the way of the future -- enabling conversation in a way that’s flexible and responsive, aligned with modern ways of doing business.

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  • Beware Red Herrings Intranet vs ESN is a Sham

    Beware Red Herrings: Intranet vs. ESN is a Sham

    Should I replace my intranet with an Enterprise Social Network? Internal communications departments have debated this question, as have ESN teams and intranet teams. Maybe they saw higher adoption and engagement on their ESN platform, or read success stories from their peers.

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  • The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

    The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

    When the Internet came along, optimism was at an all-time high. We thought we would solve all the problems of the world, possibilities were endless. And granted, we solved many. We work much better today because of the innovations of the last 20 years.

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  • Forget Intranets Give Me an ESN

    Forget Intranets, Give Me an ESN

    We heard it all a decade ago: Intranets are the wave of the future. Intranets are a waste of resources. Intranets are valuable tools. Intranets need to be social. Intranets are dead. The only thing that's true is that Intranets need to solve an actual problem.

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  • Endangered Species The Corporate Intranet

    Endangered Species: The Corporate Intranet

    The very idea that we’re still doing old-fashioned, browser-based, news-publishing intranets in the mobile era is downright antiquated. They’re no different than rotary-dial phones. And they’re going the same direction as your old olive-drab rotary phone did -- and as a result of the same technologies.

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