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  • Future Talk Blab Updates Tool to Predict Online Conversations

    Future Talk: Blab Updates Tool to Predict Online Conversations

    The company, which released the second iteration of its product today, doesn't rely on magical premonitions, intuition or manipulations. Instead, Blab applies "proprietary technology and big data processing to contextualize and predict tomorrow’s online conversations today.

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  • Analytics 3.0: Beyond Big Data

    Think you need a data scientist to glean actionable insights from big data? Then you haven’t read Big Data at Work, the newest book by Tom Davenport, who is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading analytics experts. Analytics 1.

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  • There are Dangers Ahead for Digital Marketers

    There are Dangers Ahead for Digital Marketers

    As a publisher, John Battelle chronicled the highest peaks and lowest valleys of the online revolution. Today at ad:tech he warned of the dangers ahead for digital marketers and society as we "become data" in the mobile age. In a frequently abstract but compelling keynote conversation with eMarketer Executive Editor

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  • Dell Made a Smart Move Buying StatSoft

    Dell Made a Smart Move Buying StatSoft

    When most of us hear the name “Dell” we think “laptop” or “server,” if we hang around that side of the enterprise.

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  • The Right Data Can Sweeten Returns on Ad Investments

    The Right Data Can Sweeten Returns on Ad Investments

    All the data in the world won't increase the return on your advertising expenses by itself, but some clever ideas from a San Francisco analytics conference might. In back-to-back presentations, attendees at Predictive Analytics World heard how to cut costs and increase output in today's lightning fast online ad networks

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  • Alpine Turns Big Data to a Priceless Asset Fast GigaOmLive

    Alpine Turns Big Data to a Priceless Asset - Fast #GigaOmLive

    Dare you. Go into your CFO’s office and ask her to quantify the returns on your company’s big data assets. You may very well come back with a bill. That’s because while data storage is cheap and keeps getting cheaper, it still isn’t free.

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  • Data Wonks Swap Tips at Analytics Conference

    Perhaps the only universal truth about big data analytics is that it is a new field and everyone is still learning. That was true Monday as data scientists, quants and business intelligence managers gathered in San Francisco to swap ideas about what's working. While retail corporations dominated Monday's schedule, the

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  • Predictive Analytics Helps Marketers Get Personal

    It wasn’t too long ago that it was considered novel to use web analytics to determine a customer's or prospect's interests and then email them somewhat relevant content after the visit.

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  • 5 Things to Lessen Your Anxiety About Big Data

    5 Things to Lessen Your Anxiety About Big Data

    Let’s face it.  Most people don’t know what Hadoop is, how big a petabyte is or can even explain what wins big data can provide for their companies And that’s OK.

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  • Spend Time Where it Counts with Predictive Analytics

    There's a whole new world of marketing out there folks. The old ways of reaching prospects and reeling in customers are no longer enough. TV, radio, print and even internet ads are the price of admission for companies trying to reach and engage customers.

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  • Apigee Acquires InsightsOne to Bring Predictive Analytics to APIs

    API management company Apigee has acquired predictive analytics firm InsightsOne, and the merger brings the killer app to the world of big data, Waqar Hasan, InsightsOne founder and CEO said in an interview. Predictive Analytics Gives Context Waqar helped build Yahoo's data platform before founding InsightsOne just three years ago.

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  • E-Discovery Trends for 2014

    E-discovery matured in the past year, as concepts and themes like predictive coding and early case assessment (ECA) took on more actionable, serious tones. Increasingly, e-discovery demands involve other electronic information disciplines, like records management, cyber security and corporate compliance.

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  • SAP Flexes Its Analytical Muscles, Hints of What's to Come

    If it’s true that the future will be won by the companies who leverage their information best, then SAP’s customers will be dancing in dollars.

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  • IBM Offers New Big Data Platform for Customer Insights

    IBM has taken another step toward helping enterprises gain more insight from all of their data. The new technique enables them to combine big data from distributed cloud services with data stored on local IT systems.

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