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  • Open Text Brings Web 2.0 to the Library

    What if you could obtain an electronic version of a book that is currently checked out? What if you could listen to an interview with the author of a book to decide if you want to take it home? What if you could get digital copies of the journals and

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  • Impediments to seeing information as a task

    Those who created information rarely had to worry about the impact of what they wrote. Until the Web.A key element in journalistic training is studiously avoiding thinking about the impact of what you're going to write. Good journalism is about finding out what needs to be said and saying it

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  • Squarespace Brings Sexy Back to Blogging

    It's one thing to like a blog, but is it possible to be attracted to a blogging platform? Friction-free Squarespace, a subscription based solution for managing websites and blogs all at once, just released v4.0 of its blogging software into a progressively more crowded arena.

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  • Alfresco, WoodWing Push ECM for Publishers

    Alfresco and WoodWing Software have decided to combine strengths in support of a joint program for WoodWing's Smart Connection Enterprise editorial workflow system in conjunction with the Alfresco 2.0 open source enterprise content management system. The integrated solution caters to the members of the sacrosanct publishing industry.

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  • Clickability Squeezes Social Media in Do-It-All Toolkit

    The interactivity Wünderkinds at Clickability just released Social Media, a veritable treasure trove of Web 2.0 fantasy that houses every social media offering a mash-up-happy enterprise could want -- er, need. Built on the cmPublish content management platform, Social Media hopes to help enterprises explore innovations, test products and

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  • Creative Commons v3 Protects Your Inner Genius

    When a large corporate body and a suburban teen can use the same platform to air a great idea or persuasive stream of thought, what protects one or the other from negligence of source citation or outright content theft? It's harder to track information back to its origins when the

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  • Area CMS Vendor Announces Unsurprising News

    Oxcyon, the harbingers of virtualization for CMS infrastructure have updated their constantly updating software. Centralpoint CMS Lifecycle Management v7.2.18 not only has a long and mystifying name, but apparently some new features too.

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  • Why Intranet Search Fails

    Intranet search performs miserably because most organizations do not properly manage their content.Most intranet search delivers lamentably poor results. Time and time again, I hear staff plead: "Why can't we just get Google?" But buying Google-or any other search engine for that matter-will not solve the problem. There are three reasons

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  • Open Text Targets Bloggers, Collaboration

    Enterprise CMS vendor Open Text pushes towards the corporate blogging and collaboration market with updates to the education-centric FirstClass communications suite of products.FirstClass aims to provide unified communications and collaboration within a corporate network environment. The suite of applications includes e-mail, instant messaging, calendars, contact management, workgroup collaboration, document sharing,

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