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  • Renewed Efforts to Rate the Web

    It's amazing that since its inception, the internet has remained more or less unregulated. While attempts have been made, most have been thwarted thanks in part to the first amendment and an overall sensitivity to censorship – at least in the United States. However, change is in the air.

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  • SMBs May Ease Into Looser SOX

    Come June, the SEC expects to pass some new guidance on how public companies -- particularly small ones -- can better prepare themselves for a SOX sting. In the meantime, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board plans to issue simpler standards for third-party audits of company coffers.Sarbanes-Oxley, which

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  • Open Text Detangles Webs Woven by Conflicts of Interest

    We can't think of webs more tangly than the ones showcased in the sober environment of a court room. Enterprise CMS giant Open Text leaps into messy matters of law with LegalKEY Risk Indicator, a new solution that helps analysts better identify high-risk conflicts of interest.

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  • Finding Gold in New E-Discovery Provisions

    After five years in review, the Supreme Court amended a series of federal rules surrounding civil litigation. Included among these are an elaboration of existing rules regarding electronic discovery. Discovery is the process by which both sides of a litigation provide supporting evidence in a trial. The changes have gone

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