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  • How Internet Users Prefer and Process Information

    More than 63% of Internet users indicated in a recent Webcopyplus poll the written word is their choice of communications on the Web.However, according to psychologist, educator and neurolinguistics expert Dr. Genie Z.

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  • How to Approach Customer Service 2.0

    As Web 2.0 matures, the line between marketing and customer service is beginning to blur.Service mishaps and product breakdowns can no longer be swept under the rug.

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  • Poll: Web Designers Out-Write Copywriters 2-to-1

    Website owners write the vast majority of copy on the Web, and designers out-write copywriters two-to-one, according to a recent online poll conducted by Webcopyplus.A total of 215 website owners were asked: Who typically writes your web copy? The results follow: # I do it myself 74.9% (161) # Web designer 12.

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