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  • Yahoo! Pipes, the Latest Data Mash Dance Craze

    Senator Ted Stevens wasn't far from the truth when he called the internet a "series of tubes." If he'd said pipes instead, he probably would have gotten far less of a crucifixion -- that is, if it's possible for one crucifixion to be less unpleasant than another.

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  • Living Rooms Experience Cascade via CMS Tube

    In a November communication Hannon Hill president David Cummings sighed, "...We sip our own champagne in practicing what we preach. We’re using our own product, Cascade Server, to manage our new online rich-media content.

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  • Microsoft Seeks Broad RSS-Related Patent

    Microsoft filed a pair of patents that recently became public via the US Patent and Trademark Office, following the end of an 18-month blackout period. The patents cover the technology involved in the organization and operation of syndicated Web feeds, such as RSS and Atom.

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