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  • Exercise Your Intranet Muscles

    Buying an intranet platform is like buying gym equipment. You get very detailed instructions. You may even get a few slick videos and diagrams of sample exercises. But what you won't get is advice what program you should follow.

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  • What to Do When Yammer Adoption Stalls

    Plenty of companies have early success with Yammer. And then it stalls. Or they hit growing pains and the early enthusiasm wanes.

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  • When 'Work Like a Network' Won't Work

    Hierarchy has become the bogeyman of the "future of work" movement. Listen to some commentators, and it sounds as if the honest worker in the corporation is being oppressed by power-crazed managers, hoarding information like Gollum with a hangover.

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  • Strategies for a Mobile Intranet

    It’s taking a long time for many intranets to make the shift to mobile devices, despite the tidal shift to mobile in consumer behavior. There are signs of steady growth, for example Jane McConnell’s excellent Digital Workplace 2014 reported significant investments being made in enterprise mobile by 42 percent of the leading

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