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  • Coming Soon: A Wiki for WebEx Connect

    In anticipation of what has already been deemed a year of exciting Enterprise 2.0 developments, Cisco/WebEx and California-based enterprise wiki provider eTouch Systems announce the integration of SamePage, an enterprise wiki, into the WebEx Connect collaboration environment. WebEx plans to closely integrate the collaborative content editing capabilities of SamePage

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  • eTouch Smooths Enterprise Wiki Migration with Universal Import

    The eTouch team have released a new version of their enterprise Wiki platform today. Highlights of the update include greater support for internationalized content and an import function which will migrate content from your old Wiki, or from HTML sources, straight into your spanking new SamePage Wiki.

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  • eTouch Makes Wiki Less Wily for Enterprise

    Don't we all know that collaborative content is the name of the game? As of the advent of Web two-dot-oh, anyway. "Despite the hype, we've learned that most large institutions are still not using wikis yet," mused Aniruddha Gadre, CEO of eTouch.

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  • SamePage Adds a Chapter for Enterprise Ease

    Today marks the release of eTouch's SamePage 3.3, an enterprise wiki that promises to boost user productivity with, among other things, broader deployment options. So for those suffering a dearth of variety, take heart.

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  • eTouch, Open for Enterprise 2.0 Business with Mashups

    Little more than six weeks after the release of SamePage 3.1, eTouch announced the availability of SamePage 3.2 at the recent Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. The latest release of the Enterprise Wiki solution rounds a number of corners and simplifies integration of 3rd party Web 2.0 services.

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  • eTouch Gets Reflective, Decides to Improve

    A great or very fickle man once said "No written masterpiece is too good for improvement." With that in mind, it's comforting in some way to know your enterprise project collaboration software of choice has no illusions about its own perfection. Combining the unique collaboration aspects of wikis and blogs

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