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  • You Can Never Create a Predictable, Unified Customer Experience

    Think about two little toddlers playing, and imagine giving them some toys. For example let’s say we give them a Thomas the Tank Engine. Even if you instruct them how to play with the trains, kids will design their own routines and come up with their own stories.

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  • Why You Need a Mobile E-Commerce Strategy Now

    If you are focused on e-Commerce, customer support or involved with any website, you need to think about the implications mobile has on your offerings. If you’ve avoided jumping on this bandwagon, there are some trends that might convince you it is time.

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  • Social Business = Humanized Business

    Since all companies want to succeed in business, they should try to utilize all of the latest tools that can better connect them to their customer and prospects – in this case social media. In fact, the SHOMI (Sap, HP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM) companies are all using social strategies

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  • Mobilizing to Be More Engaged

    While the goal of marketing is to improve customer's overall interactions with a brand, few organizations engage directly with their customer tribes or communities and therefore miss out on leveraging what is one of its most valuable assets.

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