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  • Truevert's Semantic Search Goes Green

    With so much talk about semantic search, another company emerges to show the rest of us, just how green semantic search can be.

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  • Free Site Search From Quintura Comes to the US

    Back in February, we reported about Quintura Site Search, a "snazzy new search tool" in private beta. Well, private no more. Quintura, site search provider, has officially launched its new search tool in the US and has been awarded a patent for its "see and find" semantic search technology.

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  • Key Semantic Web Standards Take Next Step

    Semantic search, semantic Web … As of late, we’ve noticed the spiking interest in this branch of linguistics as it applies to the good ole Web. What’s next -- semantic blogging? Nah, not just yet.

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  • The Real Semantic Search Knows Words

    California-based semantic search experts at Cognition Technologies know their semantic search business and according to them, search engines like Google, Cuil and Yahoo! Search Monkey are not the real deal, when it comes to true semantic searching. CMSWire had a chat with Cognition to get the scoop on what

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  • OutWit Hub: Semantic Search for Web Harvesting

    OutWit Technologies released a new Firefox 3.0 extension designed to outwit the web and perform smart web harvesting and semantic search. Based on a recognition technology, this tool is deemed to be the “first step towards a full-blown semantic browser.

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  • Introducing Expert System: Semantic Web Search and Services

    Expert System is an Italian company that is beginning to lay down a footprint in the 'States. The company has released two semantic Web products in the U.S., COGITO Monitor and COGITO Focus, so we thought we'd spread the word. COGITO Monitor is a semantic-based analyzer of consumer opinions and

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  • 75 Bleeding-Edge Search Engines To Beat Google

    digg_url = ''; Back in the mists of time, a couple of Stanford PhD students called Larry and Sergey came up with an idea to make searching on the web better. This they undoubtedly did.

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  • Quintura's Semantic Search for Websites

    Russian search engine Quintura has thrown its hat into the website search ring with a snazzy new search tool. Currently in private Beta, Quintura Site Search delivers the same search navigation principle to website search that brings to Web searches;searching content through a dynamic tag cloud that brings you deeper into the query with every click. The technology is built on semantic principles which

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  • IBM Launches Free Smart Email Search for Outlook, Notes

    IBM has launched IBM OmniFind Personal Email Search, a free email search plugin for Outlook and Lotus Notes. The product is a graduate of Big Blue's Research Labs experimental playground, and showcases a number of clever next-gen semantic search capabilities. IOPES is designed to pull valuable information, like phone

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