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    Connecting the Pieces of Your Marketing Cloud

    Marketing clouds are trying to achieve convergence among all of the digital marketing elements.

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  • Putting the Context in Mobile Content and ECommerce

    Putting the Context in Mobile Content and E-Commerce

    Mobile is a lifestyle, not a channel. So the value of mobile devices emerges most strongly when you engage users in the context of their day-to-day activities.

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  • Big Data Projects Taking Care of the Foundation

    Big Data Projects: Taking Care of the Foundation

    Data and System Design and Architecture A comprehensive view of data accuracy, validation, quality and consistency will be required to provide confidence in data sources used for big data analysis.  You'll need master sources of data and “gold standard” sources of truth for certain high value processes.

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  • Big Data Projects: Developing Vision and Business Requirements

    Developing a big data program requires alignment of the objectives of the initiative with the needs of the business. Usually it is the other way around -- start with business needs.

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  • How Big Data Projects Are Different

    How Big Data Projects Are Different

    How is big data strategy different from any other technology-related strategy? There’s definite overlap with other IT strategies, including the need to be aligned with business strategy, to have strong sponsorship, to address specific business problems, and to have decision making mechanisms for resource allocation and ongoing capability development --

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  • Information Architecture The Engine that Drives Retail

    Information Architecture: The Engine that Drives Retail

    Top retailers have wisely chosen to focus more effort on delivering a superior omnichannel shopping experience. This means enabling consistent data about the product and about the customer across multiple systems and processes, which is no simple task. Legacy retailers may use hundreds of systems to run their operations.

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  • Poll Results: Usability is Top Digital Asset Management (DAM) Challenge

    We recently wrapped up a poll exploring our readership's Digital Asset Management challenges. The question was: What's your biggest Digital Asset Management challenge? The top response? Usability. Are you surprised? We discussed the poll results with a few DAM specialists, including CMS Watch analyst Theresa Regli.

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  • Web Content 2007: Using Taxonomies to Manage Knowledge

    If you could download information from your brain, what would that file look like? A jumbled mess of words, thoughts and ideas, most likely. A mess so large that it would need it's own database. A database so large that it would take a small army to manage. And that's

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