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  • Working Seamlessly Together: Collaboration Lessons from Email

    A couple of months ago, I shared a vision where all information was at our fingertips. It's a nice vision for the future of work but we have a more immediate problem: How do I collaborate with Jed in Toledo? There have been a lot of solutions proposed.

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  • The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources Hands

    The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources' Hands

    Despite all efforts to trump it or get rid of it altogether in favor of other noble concepts like cooperation, the hard truth is that collaboration has always been here. And it will continue to be here for many years to come. It's a human trait.

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  • 'Just Say No' to Native Social Features

    The gateway drug to enterprise information silos We were all warned about the danger of gateway drugs. Just one moment of indiscretion using Bad Thing X would undoubtedly lead you into a lifetime of abuse of Bad Thing Y, which would eventually ruin your life.

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  • The Future of Collaboration is Right Under Our Noses

    The Future of Collaboration is Right Under Our Noses

    What's the future of collaboration, exactly? More to the point, what's the future of collaboration in the enterprise? You might be tempted to think there are no easy answers, but on the contrary, it might be closer to the truth to say the answers are right in front of us.

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  • CMSWire Tweet Jam The Future of Collaboration SocBizChat

    CMSWire Tweet Jam: The Future of Collaboration #SocBizChat

    Collaboration comes up frequently in discussions of workplace productivity, but are we all on the same page on what it means? Have the tools introduced in the digital workplace aid collaboration or complicate it? What next steps do businesses need to take to move forward with collaboration? Find out tomorrow

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  • Separating Collaboration from the Collaboration Tools

    Separating Collaboration from the Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration has been around for millennia. Webster  tells us that to collaborate is merely to “to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.

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  • Collaboration is Broken and We Need to Fix It Soon

    Collaboration is Broken and We Need to Fix It (Soon)

    Take any one task and look at all the applications you use to get it done. Look at all the people you need to involve to do it. Look at all the time you waste switching between apps, foraging for information, searching for expertise.

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  • The 6 Changes Needed to Overcome Collaboration Skepticism

    Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday last week. It, along with other social networks like Twitter, have transformed our personal lives, especially over the last five years. This has only sped up with the constant access our mobile devices give, which allow us to instantly and effortlessly connect with friends.

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  • 3 Strong Business Arguments for Having an Intranet

    What is the purpose of an intranet? How can it contribute to an organization’s bottom line? What does it take to "sell" the idea of an intranet? These are questions that many intranet professionals have grappled with over the last few years.

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  • Is Collaboration at Risk of Becoming Siloed?

    There’s a lot to be said for best of breed software, but one thing that hasn't been said is that these tools could be signing their own death warrant. How? Best of breed tools are, by nature, specialized, with specific functionality for the group they target.

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  • IBM on Mail Next No One Else Offers Anything Like This

    IBM on Mail Next: No One Else Offers Anything Like This

    Remember that email you sent asking someone to do something? Me either. Delegating tasks are great, but follow-through to ensure the tasks get done -- in an electronic world -- can be challenging.

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  • Do Enterprise Social Networks Really Help Collaboration?

    One of the most cited reasons that companies deploy enterprise social networks is to enhance collaboration. It’s easy to see why. The theory goes “Your team will collaborate better with an enterprise social network helping people to share information more easily.

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  • The Fall of Collaboration The Rise of Cooperation

    The Fall of Collaboration, The Rise of Cooperation

    As we move into a new way of work -- one based on more fluid and looser connections, grounded in freethinking, humanist and scientific approaches to the social contract -- it's becoming clear that the traditional model of "collaboration tools" is based around outmoded structures of control rather than the

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  • IBM Looks Forward to Next Generation Computing #IBMConnect

    Each year, the IBM faithful gather in Orlando Florida for IBM Connect, previously Lotusphere. This year, IBM combined it with the Kenexa World Conference as well, leading to an interesting mélange of IBM Notes administrators, Domino developers, human resources practitioners and social business strategists.

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