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  • Report HTML5 is the Future for Enterprise Developers

    Report: HTML5 is the Future for Enterprise Developers

    A new report finds standards-based HTML5 development, whose popularity has been growing in part because such apps can run cross-platform, has caught on big in the enterprise. HTML5 is the latest version of the HMTL hypertext markup language.

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  • Make Smarter Decisions, Faster #GD13

    Today marks the start of Global Directions, an annual industry technology and educational conference. This year's theme caught our attention. Forget big data or smart data. There's no denying that the fire hose of data is flowing quicker than ever.

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  • Telerik Updates TeamPulse to Ease Multiple Project Management

      To help software development managers concentrate more on the software and less on the logistics, software tool provider Telerik has released an update to its TeamPulse agile project management software, including a new HTML 5 interface intended to enhance efficiency.

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