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  • Microsoft to Put Full Relational DB in the Cloud

    SQL Data Services (SDS) has been on the radar since MIX08, when it was first announced as an online data storage and query processing service that could be accessed using the standard internet protocols. It has come a long way since then.

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  • Microsoft Tempts Startups With Free Software

    Microsoft, in an effort to gain market share amongst young companies, has announced an ambitious program that would allow certain startups to utilize their server software for free. BizSpark is the name of the new project that will, as Microsoft hopes, encourage start-ups to employ Windows-powered servers in their product offering. To be eligible for the BizSpark program, a private

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  • Amazon EC2 Drops Beta, Offers Windows Environment

    An integral part of Amazon's cloud computing services is showing a sign of maturity, while adding a much anticipated element. The Elastic Compute Cloud (aka EC2), which facilitates a Linux server environment as a service for Web developers, has come out of beta. Additionally, as previously rumored, Amazon.

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  • Bitrix Goes for Gold and Wins

    Microsoft Gold that is. Yes Bitrix Systems, provider of the Web Content Management System Bitrix Site Manager, has been made Gold Certified Partner with competencies in ISV/Software Solutions.

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  • SQL Server 2008 Released, Here's the Skinny

    After months of waiting it has finally arrived on our doorstep. Microsoft was whispering sweet nothings about the next release of SQL Server since late September last year.

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  • Kentico's .NET CMS To Support Microsoft's 2008 stack

    .NET developer Kentico has announced details of the new version of it's Web CMS product which hits the shelves in mid-March. Dedicated as ever to the Microsoft stack, the Czech company's new offering assures support for Windows Server 2008 and the soon to be released SQL Server 2008.

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  • SQL Server 2008 Is Coming

    In an effort to make amends for the 5 year development cycle that delayed SQL Server 2005, Microsoft will make the next generation of its flagship database product available on schedule and after only 3, er, short years.

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  • QuickelSoft Makes Quick Work of Web CMS

    Let's say you're a growing Microsoft Windows shop and your web presence has expanded to a point where maintenance has become a nightmare. You know you need a web content management system but your budget does not cover the cost of an enterprise CMS and you are just not comfortable

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