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  • San Francisco's Sentiment Analysis Symposium Spotlights Industry Visionaries

    Attention all marketers, market researchers, analysts, and the like! If you're in the mood to learn and schmooze in San Francisco's autumnal sunshine, this year's Sentiment Analysis Symposium -- taking place in early November -- features in-depth discussions on sentiment analysis of enterprise, online, and social content.

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  • Multilingual Search Blooms with Rosette 7

    The days of a single, English-only version of your content are quickly coming to an end. Not only do you need to publish your content in multiple languages, your users need to be able to search said multilingual content quickly and accurately. Version 7 of the Rosette Linguistics Platform from

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  • Report: Why You Need to Understand Text Analytics' Rising Importance

    Forrester (news, site) recently asked how much of what you know about your business ecosystem comes from controlled, structured sources like surveys, product registration forms, customer interviews and market reports? If the answer is "just about everything," then you're leaving a huge amount of data on the table and then tossing it in the trash.

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