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  • yelling at a phone

    Enough With the Voice Interfaces for Now

    This is a true story. I was sitting in a pizza parlor waiting for my lunch when a man sits down on the other side of the restaurant. He pulls out his iPhone and starts talking into it.

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  • connections

    Automation for All: Connecting Internet Services Into Workflows

    Back in 2005, Yahoo introduced a product called Yahoo! Pipes, an early attempt at creating seamless workflows from unrelated bits of the internet.

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  • getting messy

    Will Microsoft Teams Hammer Yammer?

    Let’s be honest: enterprise social networks (ESN) have always struggled.  From the start, people have questioned whether an ESN could really deliver on its promise of better communication, collaboration and operational efficiency.

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  • happy face sad face

    When You Favor CX Over Employee Experience, Everyone Loses

    Small companies, no matter what their business, have often struggled to provide good IT service to their employees.  It’s a matter of cost. The cost of technology is still a major expense to many small organizations. Employees often must make due with last year’s model smartphone or laptop.

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  • Tom Petrocelli

    2016 Contributors of the Year: Tom Petrocelli

    Tom Petrocelli isn't afraid of ruffling a few feathers.  This year alone he took on agile development hype, annoying e-commerce practices, problems with collaboration software adoption and more.  Petrocelli combines an indefatigable curiosity about the information technology space with an equal dash of skepticism of the promises vendors make.

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  • unicorn on prow of ship

    Let's Get Real About Agile Development

    All of you software development methodologists and theorists, I’m here to ruin your day.  I am about annoy you to call your baby ugly.  How? By calling out just how poorly your pet development methods — Agile, user-centric design, continuous deployment and DevOps — are working in real life.

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  • custom tailoring

    Tailor User Experience to the Individual, Not the Crowd

    An argument against consistency in enterprise digital apps

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  • broken eggs

    Stop Ruining the Digital Customer Experience

    All too often, companies place the needs of marketing over the customer sales experience. It’s almost as if they don’t realize that the two are inextricably intertwined.  The resulting digital experience — be it browser or mobile — acts to drive customers away rather than instilling confidence in their purchase.

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  • elephant profile

    Evernote Falls Prey to the Freemium Model Catch-22

    On June 28, Evernote announced changes to its paid subscription plans and freemium service. In a nutshell, it is simultaneously raising subscription prices and placing limitations on the free service.  To me, this signals the beginning of the end for Evernote.

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  • speeding boat

    Emerging Data Needs Fuel New Data Management

    Knowledge workers crave data, but need to find it first

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  • red moon over Seattle

    Dream Big, But Start Small with Artificial Intelligence

    We've been hearing a lot about artificial intelligence, or AI, of late.  AI is nothing new.  AI's Got a Lot of Baggage We've seen portrayals of AI in science fiction for over 100 years.

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  • searching in the dark

    Searching For Real Value in Digital Transformation

    The jury is out on whether businesses save any money through digital transformation.  Typically, companies replacing existing internal and customer facing processes with digital systems look for productivity gains to offset the cost of these digital transformation projects. Unfortunately, looking for cost savings is asking the wrong question.

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  • code camp

    Software Developers Get Social

    When I began my career as a software developer (thought we weren't called that then – we were software engineers) it was a relatively solitary pursuit.  Yes, we had project meetings and code reviews — endless code reviews — but most of the time we just sat and wrote code.

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  • SOS

    Time for IBM to Stage an Intervention? #IBMConnect

    Let’s start with an old joke: Q. How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: One, but the lightbulb has to want to change. This, in essence, is the problem with collaboration software adoption. The technology keeps improving, with more choices and better design.

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