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  • bird's eye view

    Simplifying the Social Collaboration Software Landscape

    When modern social collaboration software first emerged over 10 years ago, the main goals were to increase teamwork through sharing and to reduce friction between silos. These goals were only partially met due to limited features.

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  • 2015 Contributors of the Year: Tom Petrocelli

    Tom Petrocelli's career path shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows him — he grew up surrounded by information technologists and computers. His 30 plus years in the industry makes it possible for him to weigh in with an informed opinion on our diverse editorial focuses.

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  • Pinocchio doll

    Honesty Pays in Data-Driven E-Commerce

    Sales and marketing have used big data and predicative analytics to drive customer engagements for as long as big data and predicative analytics have been around. And the opportunities become even greater when paired with e-commerce.

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  • Three Yeti

    Why People Believe Hoaxes and What Marketers Can Learn From It

    About a month ago, a number of my friends on Facebook started cutting and pasting a post that includes the following text: "As of fill in date and time.

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  • center of the spiral

    The Digital Experience Begins with Customer-Centric Design

    The digital experience is a shorthand way of saying that we want to create a moment in time and space in which a person, through the power of an Internet connection, experiences something unique. That "something" might be informative, fun, moving or challenging.

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  • too loud

    Taming Notifications Before They Run Rampant

    Knowledge workers are swimming in notifications. Notifications come in from mobile and desktop productivity applications, task management, calendars and email. We hear the tell-tale 'ping' when we get an email, when someone wants to chat, when a co-worker completes a task or when it’s time for the twice weekly meeting.

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  • Mobile enterprise - laptop and a smartphone

    Sure You Can Work All the Time ... But Should You?

    Mobile apps promise a revolution in how we work.  Along with social apps, mobile apps let knowledge workers stay in touch with colleagues better and perform tasks wherever they happen to be. That might be at a customer site, at home or even on vacation.

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  • Race to the finish

    Will Enterprise Chat Supplant Email?

    Enterprise chat, sometimes referred to as team messaging, has emerged as a viable alternative to email and might just knock it off its throne. At the very least, there is the potential for enterprise chat to absorb much of the communication that is now done through email.

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  • Starbucks Spits in My Mobile Payments Latte

    Starbucks Spits in My Mobile Payments Latte

    A confession: I am not convinced about mobile payments. It’s not that I am a Luddite. The obvious convenience and benefits of being able to pay for the stuff of life directly from the device typically strapped to my hip is enough for me.

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  • Dirty Data Means Muddied Marketing

    Dirty Data Means Muddied Marketing

    A few months ago I ran into an issue that could scuttle many of the marketing automation initiatives undertaken by a multitude of companies. While performing some genealogical research I found out my information had been cross-referenced with someone who was not me and had no relation to me.

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  • Mobile Is Changing Your Social Collaboration Apps

    Mobile Is Changing Your Social Collaboration Apps

    Social collaboration applications have been in a race since their inception to see which could be the most feature laden. It was an arms race of sorts, with each side adding more ways to communicate and collaborate and -- in the process -- becoming more monolithic.

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  • CMOs Listen to Customers, Not Processes

    It took me a long time to know the difference between being an executive and being a mid-level or senior-level manager. In my first executive position, I tended to act as I previously had rather than what I needed to be.

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  • The Line Between Web CMS Enterprise Social Networks Blur

    The Line Between Web CMS + Enterprise Social Networks Blur

    While conducting research for my yearly enterprise social network update, a trend that had been simmering for a while bubbled to the top: Quite a few enterprise social networking vendors had or were planning to extend their software in ways that make them nearly indistinguishable from web content management solutions.

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  • Where Social Collaboration Is Heading

    Where Social Collaboration Is Heading

    Social collaboration software has come a long way, both in terms of acceptance in organizations (if not daily usage) and products. Ten years ago social collaboration was mostly thought of as Facebook for the enterprise, an unfortunate tagline that suggested frivolity and not utility.

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