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  • Analytics is Everywhere

    Analytics is Everywhere

    We saw the usual spate of announcements coming from the major software companies this fall. Lots of new extensions to the and Oracle marketing clouds, Adobe extensions and updates to Creative Cloud, and most recently, IBM’s Launch of IBM Verse. And that’s just the big players.

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  • Getting Personal with Big Machines

    Getting Personal with Big Machines

    When we think of personalization of service through analytics, the first thought that likely comes to mind is retail applications or consumer goods.

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  • Have Retail Analytics Crossed the Line from Cool to Creepy

    Have Retail Analytics Crossed the Line from Cool to Creepy?

    A body of new solutions for retail businesses promises to both excite and upset consumers. These solutions deliver in-store (or near store) content to consumers that a vendor has decided might want to buy a product in the store.

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  • See the Whole Customer to Guide the Decision Journey

    See the Whole Customer to Guide the Decision Journey

    While “the journey” is a better metaphor than many previous ones used by marketers, especially the militaristic “campaign” or industrial “funnel,” it tends to belie the complexity of the process of turning interest into purchase.

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  • The Barriers to Working like a Network in Office 365

    The Barriers to Working like a Network in Office 365

    Microsoft is heavily promoting the idea of working like a network -- connecting to people across geography and time to collaborate. This comes as no surprise given the heavy investment in technology Microsoft has made in products that connect people together in social networks.

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  • Social and Digital Channel Diversity Drives Engagement

    Social and Digital Channel Diversity Drives Engagement

    Keeping the Conversation Going Neuralytix recently found evidence that multichannel social and digital interactions can spark engagement with customers. Using software from Blab called BlabPredicts, we analyzed social and digital media conversations during SAP SAPPHIRE Now 2014.

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  • Social Ideation Finds Ideas Worth Pursuing

    Social Ideation Finds Ideas Worth Pursuing

    IP is not only a product idea. It may also be a better way of doing business, a price model that offers a competitive advantage, or a way to achieve operational efficiencies. Finding the Good Ideas Surfacing and then vetting these ideas represents a serious problem for companies.

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  • Where the Differences Lie in Enterprise Social Networks

    Where the Differences Lie in Enterprise Social Networks

    The difficulties that companies have had in deploying enterprise social often start right at the beginning. It’s not hard to understand why choosing a product can be tough since most enterprise social networks look almost identical.

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  • The Drag on Enterprise Mobile Applications: Security and Privacy

    What we have today could barely be called enterprise mobile applications. We have enterprise applications that exist in a mobile form. We even have some mobile applications meant for the enterprise.

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  • Spend Time Where it Counts with Predictive Analytics

    There's a whole new world of marketing out there folks. The old ways of reaching prospects and reeling in customers are no longer enough. TV, radio, print and even internet ads are the price of admission for companies trying to reach and engage customers.

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  • Do Enterprise Social Networks Really Help Collaboration?

    One of the most cited reasons that companies deploy enterprise social networks is to enhance collaboration. It’s easy to see why. The theory goes “Your team will collaborate better with an enterprise social network helping people to share information more easily.

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  • IBM Looks Forward to Next Generation Computing #IBMConnect

    Each year, the IBM faithful gather in Orlando Florida for IBM Connect, previously Lotusphere. This year, IBM combined it with the Kenexa World Conference as well, leading to an interesting mélange of IBM Notes administrators, Domino developers, human resources practitioners and social business strategists.

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  • Bring the Internet of Things to Customer Service and Support

    The Internet of Things promises to make everything that everyone owns Internet enabled. But many of the reasons for doing so -- such as collecting data on customers or marketing to customers when they are doing most anything -- are kind of creepy.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2013 - Tom Petrocelli

    With 30 years in the technology industry under his belt, Tom Petrocelli can weigh in on topics from social collaboration to social media, mobile enterprise to cloud computing, digital marketing to content management. No stranger to stirring up controversy, Tom writes it the way he sees it -- and people

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