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    AI-Driven Salesflare CRM Seeks to 'Kill Dumb Software'

    Antwerp, Belgium-based Salesflare — a company that wants to help you "work less, sell more" — just released its intelligent sales customer relationship management (CRM) application that promises to fill out itself and help you "flawlessly" follow up your customers. “Our intention is to kill all dumb software.

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  • Microsoft Adds New User Reports for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business & Exchange Online

    Microsoft has released three dashboards to give Office365 enterprise users enhanced insights about the ways workers are using SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online.

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    Innovation Management Tools For Any Business

    Innovation is necessary for all forward-thinking businesses, but that doesn't mean sitting around waiting for a "lightbulb" moment to happen.  For innovation to succeed, it must be as intentional as every other business endeavor you undertake — which means you need tools to make it easier and keep your efforts

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  • there are 4 key components of thriving digital workplaces

    4 Key Components of Thriving Digital Workplaces

    The notion of digital business, which Gartner defines as, “the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds,” is top-of-mind for today’s business and IT decision makers.

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    Give Collaboration Sticking Power

    Organizations know they need to get their employees collaborating and are making significant investments into collaboration tools to support this effort.   But then they're left wondering why people still don't rush to use these tools. To help answer this question, let’s understand what powers any organization.

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  • monthly check up

    Your Digital Workplace Mid-Year Health Check

    From a technology point of view, the digital workplace industry is thriving. It’s a growing market, that responds to users needs and provides new tools that facilitate new ways of working.

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  • momentum

    How Momentum Drives Social Collaboration

    Social collaboration tools are getting smarter.  Vendors boast about the plethora of back end reports — numbers of users, posts, comments, likes, even sentiment, broken down across groups, silos, roles, you name it. So much data available, yet so little certainty of making your social collaboration initiative deliver on its promise.

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    Gartner: 5 Cool Vendors, 4 Digital Workplace Lessons

    This year’s coolest vendors in the digital workplace take an integrated, creative approach to the employee journey, Gartner maintains. The Stamford, Conn.-based research organization concludes that these vendors show potential in strategic partnerships between HR and IT to power the digital workplace, inspiring those teams to chart a new course.

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    The Antidote for Digital Workplace Chaos: Governance

    We love the digital workplace, with all the potential and advances it offers. But with these benefits comes a dark side, and that dark side is called Digital Workplace Chaos (DWC).  Chances are you’ve experienced it yourself.

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  • Tim Brown and Dan Streeter

    Speed Read: 6 Ways to Handle Rejection

    There's a time and place for just saying "no." But truth be told, it hurts like hell when you're on the receiving end of a rejection — and it stings even more if it affects your income.

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    On Our Radar: Cotap

    We continue today our series looking at tech companies to watch in 2016. We began yesterday with a peek into Affectiva and a look into hot tech trends. Today, we catch up with Cotap, an enterprise communication platform. Year founded: 2013  Founders: Jim Patterson and Zack Parker Founders backgrounds: Jim

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  • Windows Live Writer Is Open Sourced As Open Live Writer

    Remember Windows Live Writer? If you don’t, it is not surprising. Microsoft has virtually forgotten about it since its last major release in 2012 — until yesterday, that is, when an open source fork was released as Open Live Writer.

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    LiveHive Will Pay You to Ditch the Competition

    LiveHive wants your business — really badly. So badly, it will pay the balance of your current annual contract with your sales acceleration vendor if you switch to LiveHive's platform.  The San Jose, Calif.

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  • On the bench

    Why Collaboration Works for Others, But Not for You

    Imagine I told you about a wonderful family vacation I’d just enjoyed. Duly inspired, you book the same hotel, same excursions and visit the same restaurants. But your family finds it a drag. Why? Because your family is different — maybe they don’t like museums, or wanted more nightlife.

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