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  • Canonical Bundles Alfresco Enterprise CMS and Ubuntu Linux

    In a software package it is. Alfresco announced that Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Linux-based operating system Ubuntu, will offer Alfresco Labs 3 as part of its partner repository.

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  • Win4Lin Revamps its Linux Virtualization Solution

    Virtual Bridges, a leading provider of desktop and enterprise virtualization solutions for business, has launched version 5 of its Win4Lin Desktop virtualization system for running Windows on Linux. It includes performance increases it claims beats the likes of VMware Workstation and other competitors in the desktop virtualization market.

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  • Alfresco's Open Source Barometer Survey Results

    Alfresco Software announced the availability of its second global survey of trends in the use of open source software in the enterprise. The survey, touted as the largest-ever study of open source enterprise stack, revealed that deployments of Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux have a market share of 24% and 21% respectively. Alfresco’s open source barometer was conducted throughout 2007 using opt-in data provided by Alfresco's 35,000 community

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  • Why Isn't Linux Catching on?

    Let's get right to it: considering the popularity of open source applications and utilities, why hasn’t the open source flagship - the Linux operating system - caught on with mainstream PC users? With the various incarnations of Linux available at the click of a button, why do the majority of

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  • Novell's Open Workgroup Exposes Open Source to Microsoft

    Yesterday Novell announced the upcoming availability of Open Workgroup, the first workgroup suite for small businesses that provides flexy solutions based on "proven" open source -based software.

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  • Linux Unites: Microsoft, Prepare to Meet Thy Maker

    Bullies can only survive so long -- and like some Marxist fantasia, particularly debauched, abusive bullies are known for awakening the revolutionary ire of those who, en masse, could easily spell tyranny's downfall. The context is set. Now for the major players.

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  • Feisty Fawn Leaps Into Virtualized Reality

    This Thursday we witness the anticipated release Ubuntu Linux 7.04, known to Linux aficionados by code name Feisty Fawn. And the new components are feisty indeed: the aforementioned Fawn possesses virtualization features and improved installation management tools, courtesy of project sponsor Canonical.

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