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  • Citrix ShareFile Steps Up Its EFSS Game

    Citrix ShareFile Steps Up Its EFSS Game

    Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) vendors are a dime a dozen -- Gartner says that there are over 100 of them vying to win corporate business.

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  • Is Data the New Soil? #SAPPHIRENOW

    We’ve all heard it said the data is the new oil. But what if it’s the new soil instead—the raw material from which new ideas can grow into products and services that we haven’t seen before and might not even have begun to imagine.

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  • It's Personal: SAP on Crossing the Data Divide

    Companies have talked about being close to the customer for a long, long time. But they probably never imagined being as proximate as in your shirt or shoes. But that’s exactly where Under Armour is today, at least if you choose to wear the company's data-enabled garments.

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  • EMCs Vision May Not Be Documentum EMCWorld

    EMC's Vision May Not Be Documentum #EMCWorld

    When EMC's Enterprise Content Division President Rohit Ghai takes the stage at EMC World later today, don’t expect to hear much about Documentum.

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  • Documentum's Digital Journey Has Begun

    You don’t have to tell Rohit Ghai that we’re living in an increasingly mobile-first, cloud-first world. Mention the notion to the chief of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) and you get the idea that he might be building his new headquarters there.

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  • Sick of Grunt Work There Should be an App for That

    Sick of Grunt Work? There Should be an App for That

    Want to know why you feel like you can’t get much accomplished at work, regardless of the number of hours that you put in? It’s because you spend two days each week on administrative grunt work: the repetitive activities required to get something done, but that aren’t core to your

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  • Microsoft Aims for Amazon with Elastic SQL #Build2015

    Hey Amazon, can Redshift do this? We know the kinder, gentler, “we play nice with everyone” Microsoft would never egg AWS boss Andy Jassy on like this, but here's the deal: Today at Build 2015, Microsoft executive vice president for cloud and enterprise Scott Guthrie made a whole slew of

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  • Jive Launches Secure, Real Time Enterprise Messaging

    We work in a digital world. There’s no time for email or waiting for return phone calls. We need collaboration now, in real time — and few of us work alone. But can we really be expected to sit at our desks 24/7? Because that’s when we work,

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  • It's a Sync and Share World

    Show me a company that doesn’t provide a way for its knowledge workers to share and collaborate on documents via their mobile devices and in the cloud, and I’ll show you a company that has a big problem.

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  • Is Box Planning a New Trick

    Is Box Planning a New Trick?

    There’s something Aaron Levie can do even better than pulling a rabbit out of a hat — charm VC’s into investing in his ideas. As the co-founder and CEO of money-losing Enterprise File Sync and Share service Box, Levie, an amateur magician, had to make a big move to assure

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  • 8 Tips to Spring Clean Your Digital Work Life

    8 Tips to Spring Clean Your Digital Work Life

    Not everyone is a digital packrat, but we could all benefit from at least a little spring cleaning.

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  • Birst Tableau The BI World May Not Be Dog Eat Dog

    Birst & Tableau: The BI World May Not Be Dog Eat Dog

    No one makes data shine brighter than Tableau. It’s why the BI vendor stands so far above the crowd in Gartner's BI and Analytics Platforms MQ Leaders report. Think of Walt Disney answering some of your most pressing business questions.

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  • DataStax + HP Moonshot Show Off at SpringCM

    It’s a good time to be a NoSQL database vendor. You don’t have to tell Matt Pfeil that. As the co-founder of DataStax, which brings Apache Cassandra to the enterprise, he’s living the story. What started as an eight-person team in a rented office in San Mateo, Calif.

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  • Microsoft's Power BI Gets Mobile Muscle...

    Shortly after Satya Nadella took the helm at Microsoft, he began talking about a “data culture.” Two of his favorite tools —Microsoft Delve and Power BI — are supposed to be key in helping us live and work smarter. The Microsoft boss has told us this over and over again.

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