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  • eZ Systems Argues Content Is the Engine of Digital Transformation

    PARIS — Any company that fails to place content and content management at the heart of its digital transformation strategy is on a road to nowhere. Content, according to Aleksander Farstad, CEO and co-founder of Porsgrunn, Norway-based eZ Systems, is not just an element of digital transformation, but is

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  • Now You Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Build Your Website

    Now You Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Build Your Website

    Tel Aviv-based Wix, a web development platform, is bring artificial intelligence (AI) into website design and creation.  The company today launches Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) — arguably a first of its kind solution that claims to reduce the time, design and content creation challenges associated with site development.

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  • Kentico CMS Platform Unveils Version 9

    Web content management system (Web CMS) provider Kentico released the ninth version of its ASP.NET content management platform today. The release also includes updates to its e-commerce and online marketing capabilities.  Company officials released the new offerings at Kentico's Connection User and Partner Conference in Brno, Czech Republic, the company's headquarters.

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  • Agile Web Experience Management: Content as a Service

    Agile Web Experience Management: Content as a Service

    Think about where web experience started. Web Experience Management (WEM) picked up where traditional, brochure-ware, static web content management ended. It provided a way to create more personalized, dynamic experiences as more consumers started using the web to find information and buy products.

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  • 5 Questions to Ask of Your Web and Mobile Experiences

    Today’s web and mobile users want the information they need when they need it, with a single click or swipe of a tablet or smartphone. And you only have milliseconds to grab their attention and complete the transaction.

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  • Guide the Buyer's Journey with Web Experience Data

    Guide the Buyer's Journey with Web Experience Data

    Happy with your last purchase, you visit a brand’s website intent on buying more of its products. The website loads, and you’re immediately greeted with a pop-up advertising the exact product you recently purchased.

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  • Oracle Keeps It 'Real Time' In Marketing Cloud Update

    Oracle continues to put its $1.5 billion marketing technology to use. The Redwood City, Calif.-based 120,000-employee giant released updates to its B2C cross-channel marketing cloud. The B2C capabilities, born out of the Responsys acquisition, include real time, behavior-driven program orchestration. Asked why Oracle stands out here, an official told CMSWire

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  • How Evergage Makes Google Analytics Better

    Most business owners now understand analytics is an essential tool that can highlight efficiency and opportunities for innovation. This shift in thinking has lead to opportunities for innovating analytics measurement itself. One of the latest innovations comes from Evergage, a cloud-based platform that supports digital personalization campaigns.

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  • Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing

    Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing

    Avid travelers have a unique lifestyle. They’re curious. They’re adventurous. And most of all, they value the experience of travel. Marriott sells hotel rooms. Or does it? Marriott is one of just a few companies evolving its marketing focus when it comes to engaging audiences.

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  • Go Big, Go Fast with Short-Term Campaigns

    Go Big, Go Fast with Short-Term Campaigns

    Not too long ago the idea of cloud services as a utility encountered the skepticism of many in IT who had seen too many "Next Big Things" fail to make it beyond the "Next Big Buzzword" stage. Among the skeptics were a number who had themselves led innovation in IT.

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  • Warby Parker CEO: Great CX Starts With Happy Employees

    Warby Parker CEO: Great CX Starts With Happy Employees

    I wear glasses ... and have always been frustrated by the exorbitant cost of both frames and lenses. So I was happy when I had the chance to meet Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, a lifestyle brand with a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at

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  • The Millennial Generation is Defining the Web Experience

    The millennial generation is rebalancing the relationship between the individual and the organization.  The Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Digital Natives, like to play by their own rules writes Lauren Martin for Elite Daily in September 2014. They are skeptical, particularly about authority and the system.

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  • Ad Pioneer Jane Maas: We Never Drank Before Noon

    Ad Pioneer Jane Maas: We Never Drank Before Noon

    Jane Maas is the author of Mad Womenthe true story of what it was like to be an advertising women in the sexy, sexist era of Mad Men.  She clawed her way up from secretary to copywriter to creative director at Ogilvy & Mather and Wells Rich Greene.   But

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  • Should You Open the Twitter DM Door?

    Should You Open the Twitter DM Door?

    Man, do I hate it when I try to direct-message (DM) someone on Twitter, but can't because that person doesn't follow me. First of all, who doesn't follow me? And secondly, why are they so privileged to not get my notes? Alas, there's hope for me. Twitter opened that DM door this week.

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