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  • A Look at the Google Customer Journey Tool

    A Look at the Google Customer Journey Tool

    One of the most daunting aspects of a multichannel marketing strategy is determining what medium consistently attracts potential customers.   Does an email or a tweet pique a customer’s interest? Precise understanding on digital influence is tricky, but combining Google Customer Journey Tool with analytics reports can bring marketing much closer to

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  • How Google Analytics Tools Can Minimize Data Errors

    How Google Analytics Tools Can Minimize Data Errors

    Ever wish you could take something back? It happens — and we all make mistakes.    For businesses, mistakes often happen when selecting data sources for analytic reporting.

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  • SEO is Killing Content Quality

    Search engine optimization (SEO) tips include website design best practices for how to get Google to rank your content higher in search engine results placement or SERP. In fact, the preceding sentence is a great example of just how cumbersome this practice has made Web-based communications.

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  • Getting to the Center of Customer Experience

    Getting to the Center of Customer Experience

    Your customers ask themselves the same sorts of questions after using your website or app, and your CMS -- how you manage and deliver content to your customer -- lays at the heart of their experience. It should be the core of your customer experience management (CXM) strategy.

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  • The Key Difference Between Online and Print Publishing

    Vigorously managing what is already published is the critical difference between a professional online publishing culture and a traditional offline print culture. The Ebola factsheet page from the World Health Organization (WHO) has been visited millions of times. It is an essential and hugely popular resource.

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  • Content Development is No Walk in the Park

    Content Development is No Walk in the Park

    Anyone who’s worked in the trenches in publications management appreciates that "develop content" cannot translate the level of sustained effort required from your writers, editors and analysts to create content (information) that is findable, useful, meaningful, valuable and credible.

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  • Sing a Little Song, Do a Little Dance: Get Down with Google

    Google is introducing new all singing, all dancing ads. Well, nearly. Google is in the process of testing its new "Listen Now" service ads in partnership with Spotify, Rhapsody and Apple’s Beats Music. The service works in much the same way other Google searches work with one execption.

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  • Print is View, Web is Do

    How much of your organization’s online world is made up of dead zones and how much is do zones? A dead zone is any space where there’s nothing to do.

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  • Annual Reports Marketings New Best Friend

    Annual Reports: Marketing's New Best Friend?

    Boring, Drab. Interminable. And the next big thing in marketing. Annual reports have traditionally filled a dull, unassuming niche in a company's marketing efforts -- if it held any place at all. That's changing.

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  • Survey Finds Gap in Targeting for Marketing Content

    Survey Finds Gap in Targeting for Marketing Content

    Content marketing is so perplexing to today's marketers that we've published 140 stories on the subject in the last year and a half. Yet a lot of marketers seem frustrated by lackluster results. A new study  (registration required) by the 614 Group and OneSpot may help explain why content often

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  • Marketers Like Oracle Clouds Summer Releases interact14

    Marketers Like Oracle Cloud's Summer Releases #interact14

    It's one thing to spend a couple of billion dollars acquiring digital marketing technologies and another to make them truly useful to today's marketers.

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  • Forrester Move Faster on App Development

    Forrester: Move Faster on App Development

    Developing great apps takes time, but in the age of the customer that time is measured in days and weeks -- not months. Customers simply aren't going to wait for their smartphones to grow outdated while the IT staff designs, hand-codes, tests and finally releases a new app.

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  • The Customer Feedback Revolution

    The web is one of the most perfect feedback environments, where the creator and the consumer become intertwined in the network.  When books were written by hand there was very little capacity to deal with feedback, even if that feedback was received.

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  • IBM We Have Better CX Analytics than Google or Adobe

    IBM: We Have Better CX Analytics than Google or Adobe

    For some reason, steroids has crept into our reporting lately. Maybe that's why IBM’s Tealeaf cxLifecycle analytics reminds us of analytics on steroids. IBM seems to be bill it that way, anyway. Traditional web analytics? Just static numbers, they told us.

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