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  • Facebook Flexes Its Mobile Muscle Lifts Profit 90

    Facebook Flexes Its Mobile Muscle, Lifts Profit 90%

    If there were any doubts about Facebook's momentum after Twitter's disappointing financial outlook, they vanished yesterday when the social network exceeded earnings expectations with a third-quarter profit that jumped 90 percent from a year ago. Marketers found a lot to like in Facebook's quarterly report.

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  • News Bites Blended Data Woodwings Latest and More

    News Bites: 'Blended Data,' Woodwing's Latest and More

    Spring is here, and news is sprouting. This week: "blended data" for marketers, accountability in Facebook brand posts, Woodwing's version 9.2 of Enterprise, Qstream's new features and Slideshark's expansion to more platforms.

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