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    How Nuxeo Manages Assets on a Digital, Global Scale

    Lisa McIntyre knows exactly what it was like to manage content before the digital evolution. She was a librarian. “During the ‘early years’ of multimedia content, there was relative control over copies of items and a fairly clear distribution channel,” McIntyre, technical account manager at Nuxeo, said during last

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    7 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping

    MaritzCX’s customer journey mapping program is not a process-mapping exercise. “Frequently people think this is process mapping, but that tends to be very internally focused and doesn’t have the view of what the customer is seeing,” Matt Inman, head of CX strategy and design consulting at MaritzCX, said during

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    Unlocking the Puzzle of Web Content Management Selection

    Web content management (WCM) has long served as the core technology for delivering content. "But now it's central to delivering great experiences,” said David Aponovich, senior director of digital experience at Boston-based Acquia. “It’s powering the next generation of digital experience.

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    E-Spirit, Falcon-Software Share Digital Transformation Insights

    There are two things many marketers and their organizations now realize about digital transformation: it’s a long road — and it’s a necessary one.  During a CMSWire webinar with Falcon-Software, Guy Schneider, vice president of sales in North America at e-Spirit, stressed that digital transformation is not just a

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    CX Activities Do Not Guarantee CX Success

    As you’re ringing in 2016, think of this. In 2014, Gartner predicted that, by 2016, 89 percent of companies would expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience (CX). Is that percentage correct? We’ll know soon.

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    People Bring Your DAM to Life

    Anyone who thinks that launching a digital asset management (DAM) system comes down to picking a solution and flicking a switch should think again. One step can make a big difference between a DAM solution that people use and a DAM solution that people ignore: talking to your stakeholders.

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    How to Create a Global Content Strategy

    Global enterprises often have many websites — many Web Content Management Systems (Web CMS) to manage those sites. But they can produce better experiences for their customers if they have a centrally-managed Web CMS because it allows for better integration, better workflow infrastructure and less-painful scaling, some experts maintain.

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    Clickability Helps Ciena Go Global

    Meghan Sencabaugh remembers the challenge her team at Ciena faced in 2010 after it acquired Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networks business.  “We became a global company overnight,” Sencabaugh, a senior manager of digital marketing for the Hanover, Md.-based telecommunications networking equipment provider, said during a recent CMSWire webinar.

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    What's Your Digital Transformation Path?

    Enterprises flirting with digital transformation are at a “crossroads for change” where one-time ideas can now be executed through modern technology. Guy Schneider, vice president of sales for Web CMS digital experience provider e-Spirit, delivered this message during a recent CMSWire webinar on digital transformation. One-to-one marketing.

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    Don’t Let Your Site Search Suck

    Using the search function on a website can be like going to the dentist. If the experience is good, you don’t think much of it and you move along through your day. If the experience is bad, you think angry thoughts and resist the urge to flee.

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    The Secrets to Better Cloud-Based Collaboration

    Cloud-based platforms like Box, Dropbox Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 have ushered in an era of unprecedented workplace sharing and collaboration.

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    Are Your Digital Workflows Really Automated?

    Your organization may have gone digital. But it also may operate manually in workflows. That’s a problem. “Some applications exist on-premises and some in the cloud,” Kelly Christensen, product marketing manager for Bellevue, Wash.-based Nintex, said in a May 19 CMSWire webinar. “It’s forcing us a step backwards.

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  • Finding a DAM System You Can Love

    Finding a DAM System You Can Love

    Lisa McIntyre said her company used to manage its digital assets with a clipboard and paper. "I kid you not," she recalled, noting how people would write down the file they were borrowing and sign their name.

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  • 175B Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website

    1.75B Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website

    But there are 1.75 billion more. That's the number of people who use smartphones or tablets, according to HP. And if your site isn't winning over customers on small screens, well, let's just say those people have a lot of choices. Responding to Customers Reasons like these drove,

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