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  • Crazy Egg Gets an Update, Drops Free Trial

    Regardless of the global economic uncertainty, online advertising is not going anywhere. Why? One word: analytics. Television and radio content will never be as measurable as web content, and measurability is the key to selling advertising. While there are not as many web analytics packages on the market as

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  • ClearGauge and ZoomRank Deliver Next Gen SEO Analytics

    What do you get when you mix a provider that specializes in search engine optimization and a Web-based service that monitors search engine rankings? The recently partnered ClearGauge and ZoomRank would say a top-notch and innovative SEO measure. SEO, Say What? Search Engine Optimization consists of identifying keywords and phrases

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  • WebTrends Declares Data Independence

    Recently, WebTrends Inc., provider of Web analytics and online marketing solutions, issued what they're calling a "declaration of data independence." The new platforms (yes, plural!) are standards-based and make it possible to exchange data across the enterprise, free from the closed silos of mass-market Web analytics suites.

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  • WebTrends TagBuilder Simplifies Data Collection

    WebTrends Inc., a web analytics and marketing solutions provider, has released the first free online tool that is designed to improve the speed and efficiency with regards to creating and collecting accurate data with data collection tags.

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  • WebTrends Wants to Save You Advertising Dollars

    In an effort to save advertisers, who are predicted to "waste" an estimated 4.5 billion dollars US on paid search advertising in 2008, WebTrends has released WebTrends Ad Director. In fact it was Ad Director who helped predict the very estimation it is poised to prevent.

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  • SDL Tridion Foregoes Its Own Module in Favor of Unica?

    It wasn’t long ago, when SDL Tridion announced a partnership with WebTrends to improve its online web metrics value proposition. Now they have another partnership. This new arrangement is dangerously close, yet somewhat different. While WebTrends is tasked with integrating their analytics package with SDL Tridion R5 CMS, Unica will take care of another niche - enterprise marketing management.The agreement

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  • WebTrends Provides Integrated Analytics to SDL Tridion CMS

    WebTrends Inc., a top provider of web analytics and online marketing solutions, has teamed up with Web CMS provider SDL Tridion in order to make online analytics and WCM integration easier and more effective than ever.

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  • Percussion Repositions Web Content Management Solution

    Jumping square in the middle of the Web 2.0 bandwagon, enterprise Web CMS vendor, Percussion, has announced a new Solution Series for their Rhythmyx Web CMS platform. While we're all aware of the broad scope of Web 2.0, the focus of Percussion's effort are on target, if a bit

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