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  • We Rule B2B Marketing Automation Were Salesforce

    'We Rule B2B Marketing Automation, We're Salesforce'

    Salesforce officials are confident about their marketing technology. "The thing that distinguishes us most is that we're Salesforce," said Adam Blitzer, senior vice president and general manager for Salesforce Pardot. When you work on the massive CRM platform that is Salesforce, it's OK to be a little confident.

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  • Dont Let Your Personas Get Stuck

    Don't Let Your Personas Get Stuck

    If case you haven’t noticed, personas are a pretty big deal these days. Marketers plant relevant, engaging content throughout digital experiences on multiple channels to try and move the business forward. And that content must be relevant and individualized. But marketers face a growing challenge. Yes, yet another one.

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  • Harness the Power of Intent Data for Predictive Marketing

    Harness the Power of Intent Data for Predictive Marketing

    We are in the middle of a marketing revolution. With technology that makes it possible to get insight from all different types of data, it’s no longer about being just a modern marketer -- it’s about being a predictive marketer.

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  • What's New for You This April in Open Source CMS

    WordPress is the world's largest open source CMS. So it's really not surprising that it's also a prime target for hackers worldwide. Just this week, the US FBI issued an alert  about the potential danger of individuals sympathetic to Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists abusing vulnerabilities in the WordPress platform.

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  • Will Enterprises Come to the Domo BI Party Domopalooza

    Will Enterprises Come to the Domo BI Party? #Domopalooza

    The former Omniture chief who sold his company to Adobe for $1.8 billion brought his new organization out of stealth mode this week. He claims American Fork, Utah-based Domo offers the "world's first business management platform." Josh James said  Domo will help companies get "meaningful value from business data" and collaborate better.

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  • Is Sprinklr Finally 'Satisfied' With Its Latest Acquisition?

    Sprinklr put its acquisition shovel to work again. The New York City-based provider of social media management tools  scooped up  San Francisco-based customer care provider Get Satisfaction today. This is Sprinklr’s fifth acquisition since the beginning of 2014 and follows a series funding valued at greater than $1 billion.

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  • Why You Need to Scan for Open Source Vulnerabilities

    Remember the good old days of open source, when your main concern was whether you might have inadvertently violated a license or piece of intellectual property? And if you did, well then at worst you'd have to turn over a piece of that software code to the open source community?

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  • Portrait of a Chief Data Officer

    Portrait of a Chief Data Officer

    Want to find the perfect Chief Data Officer? Look for an empathetic big brain to harness the power of big data for your business. Here’s why. Being a Chief Data Officer (CDO) is not for the faint of heart.

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  • Can DOZ Help You Find the Best Local Marketers

    Can DOZ Help You Find the Best Local Marketers?

    The DOZ online marketing platform allows organizations to go to the bullpen and get a relief for their marketing campaigns. (It's Opening Day. We couldn't resist).

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  • Which of the 3 Personalization Types Are You

    Which of the 3 Personalization Types Are You?

    The approaches to personalization number almost as high as the number of businesses out there. Organizations vary wildly in the ways they optimize and personalize experiences for every customer, product and expectation.  And the differences aren't just industry-to-industry.

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  • Discussion Point Whats the Core Function of a CMO

    Discussion Point: What's the Core Function of a CMO?

    Picture members of the average C-Suite 10 years ago, all gathered around a big conference table. Where would the chief marketing officer be? Probably outside on the front lawn.  The CMO was the branding person, pushing out messages — hoping something would stick.  Of course, that's changed today.

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  • Is Advertising Losing Its Appeal?

    Are we reaching a point in society where advertising is being superseded by search engines and social media?  “Walmart is asking suppliers to cut back on advertising spending in its stores as it seeks lower prices on goods that it sells to its own customers,” according to the Associated Press

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  • Analytics Big Data and Hocus Pocus

    Analytics, Big Data and ... Hocus Pocus?

    Businesses that are scrambling to keep up with the quickly changing e-commerce world are turning to big data and analytics as important, if not primary tools.

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  • Does So Much MarTech Make You Want to Scream

    Does So Much #MarTech Make You Want to Scream?

    Listen to your customers. Innovate without restriction. Embrace marketing technology to bridge the gap between marketing and IT. And then just throw up your hands and sigh. Or scream.

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