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  • Meet the Top Brands Consumers Really Trust

    Meet the Top Brands Consumers Really Trust

    Bruce Temkin thinks it all comes down to a matter of trust. Over the past five years, he's evaluated thousands of brand perceptions and distilled them all into his company's Temkin Trust Ratings. Brands that earn trust do so over time -- with consistent customer experiences, he said.

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  • Im Not the Dammed Newbie Here

    I'm Not the Damned Newbie Here

    There are few aspects of my professional life that I enjoy less than evaluating enterprise software. Granted, my company sells enterprise software, and I’m in charge of marketing it, so I get the irony here. But while enterprise software vendors increasingly focus on user experience, we are sorely deficient in

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  • Are These Vendors the Best at Social Media Monitoring

    Are These Vendors the Best at Social Media Monitoring?

    Social media marketing can be a lot like email blasts. Send out something, and see if it sticks.  We're still in early days here. Many digital marketing teams, especially B2B, still search for that "gotcha" in social media marketing.

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  • Do We Expect Too Much of CMOs

    Do We Expect Too Much of CMOs?

    You may have noticed that the relationship between buyer and seller is in major flux. This turmoil impacts the position tasked with leading firms’ marketing efforts and held responsible for leading firms’ marketing efforts — the CMO.

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  • Cokes Happiness Formula Compelling Stories About Real People

    Coke's Happiness Formula: Compelling Stories About Real People

    Tim Goudie is a pilot, a camper, a hiker, a swimmer, a skier. But he's also an international marketer with global experience in a variety of packaged goods industries. He's director of social media, sustainability, for The Coca-Cola in Atlanta, where he specializes in driving corporate trust and brand love.

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  • Cracking the Code on Personalization

    Cracking the Code on Personalization

    It’s no secret that customer experience is a big deal. Companies who are great at it win, those who fall short, lose.

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  • See What B2B Marketers Takeaways on Ad Viewability

    See What? B2B Marketers Takeaways on Ad Viewability

    B2B marketers need to measure if people see their ads. Naturally, right? Industry insiders refer to this as "viewability." Google cares a lot about this. So should B2B marketers, said Elizabeth Harz, president of media at ADARA, a digital advertising platform based in Mountain View, Calif.

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  • The Cost of Complexity Is Use

    The best way to measure complexity is to measure use. Given a choice, the harder something is to use the less people will use it.  Recently, I watched a young sound engineer try to do something with a drum sampling program. He hadn’t used it before.

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  • Give Your Customers Steady Clear Messages Or Youll Lose Them

    Give Your Customers Steady, Clear Messages - Or You'll Lose Them

    Bob Egner's seen good digital experiences — and bad ones, too. Egner's the vice president of product management at Stockholm, Sweden-based EPiServer. He's also a connected consumer.

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  • News You Can Use RAMP TubeMogul Vidder

    News You Can Use: RAMP, TubeMogul, Vidder

    The latest in partnering, pairing, closing and creating from the Hub of the Solar System, the Grape State and the Gateway to the World. Ready to Ramp It Up? RAMP  announced this week that it will be working with Riverbed’s Ready Technology Alliance to bring new resources to Riverbed’s regulars

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  • CMSWire Tweet Jam: Defining 2015's CMO #CXMChat

    Disruption is the name of the game when it comes to business these days, and the effects can be felt throughout the organization. CMO's face increased demands to be digitally savvy, analytically driven and customer focused — all while demonstrating ROI.

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  • Apple Watch: The Future of Wearables Begins Now

    Are you ready to pay $18,000 for the 18k gold Apple Watch? Maybe not, but you probably watched as Tim Cook -- in his first new product launch as CEO -- unveiled Apple's first major push into the wearables market.

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  • Is There a Light at the End of the Social Media Marketing Tunnel?

    Digital marketers love talking about social media. Executives love return on investment (ROI). Can you truly show ROI on social media programs? GinzaMetrics is the latest company to offer a solution officials said does this for marketers.

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  • Nextdoor An Online Community in Your Own Backyard

    Nextdoor: An Online Community in Your Own Backyard

    Outside of family, your neighborhood is your first exposure to a community. Your parents introduced themselves to your neighbors and before long, you had new friends. And I mean real world friends, not Facebook friends (I'm talking pre-Facebook, pre-Internet, pre-everything days).

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