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  • Stop Being Stupid: Many WordPress Users Are Security-Less

    WordPress users have a common enemy when it comes to security. Themselves. At least that's the contention of a new survey by CodeGuard, which shows WordPress users own lack of security knowledge may be putting their sites at risk.

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  • Give Users a Vote Why Testing in Email Matters

    Give Users a Vote: Why Testing in Email Matters

    Consumers want their voices heard. Social media marketers have turned to crowdsourcing to include customer's voices. But email marketers have been giving people the opportunity to vote for years. We're not talking about direct surveys, although those can work.

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  • Twin Prime Promises a Fast 'Wireless Mile' for Mobile Apps

    Idea conceived. Mobile app developed. Mobile app deployed. This is where Twin Prime promises to make things better. Its technology makes mobile apps faster, officials there promised. They disrupt the content delivery network (CDN) space better than anyone, including Akamai, who they particularly cited.

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  • Successful CMOs Create the Structure to Innovate

    Successful CMOs Create the Structure to Innovate

    Change conquers those who fail to receive it as a friend. And change has got marketing in a headlock these days. Consumers engage with brands, explore products and make purchases in ever more channels and on ever more devices -- and this dizzying trend will only continue.

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  • ExFord Visionary Scott Monty Tells You His Social Secrets

    Ex-Ford Visionary Scott Monty Tells You His Social Secrets

    It's not every day you get to sit down with an "an unstoppable force of nature" — a guy Alan Mulally, the CEO of Ford Motor Company, described as "a visionary." But those effusive words seem less important to Scott Monty that a few simple realities.

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  • What Could You Do With a Digital Marketing Command Center?

    This morning, a vendor promised us their solution is the only that looks at the entire customer journey and provides sales agents actionable insights. Now another vendor is making the same promise for digital marketers. Bedford, Mass.-based Progress Software has created a Digital Marketing Command Center.

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  • The Next Big Thing SXSW Accelerator Winners

    The Next Big Thing: #SXSW Accelerator Winners

    They came to Austin, Texas from far and wide — places as far removed from each other as Atlanta and Austria, Salt Lake City and Stockholm, New York and Tokyo … you name it.

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  • Would You Run Your Call Center on Chromebooks Avaya Thinks So

    Would You Run Your Call Center on Chromebooks? Avaya Thinks So

    Avaya claims its Call Center services power a significant share of big call centers. Among customer call centers with more than 400 agents, it estimates a 63 percent market share. Among call centers with more than 1,000 agents, it estimates a 70 percent share.

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  • Genesys Update Works to Engage Your Customers

    Genesys released an update to its Customer Experience Platform that it boasts will help you engage and guide your customers. Reed Henry, chief marketing officer for Genesys, said the platform integrates and augments customer relationship management(CRM).

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  • 7 Tips for System Integrators to Bridge the IoT Gap

    7 Tips for System Integrators to Bridge the IoT Gap

    Vendors should take a bold stance when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), but implementers can’t afford to bet on that. Instead, they need to take the lead, from investing in research to starting pilot programs.

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  • Build Audiences Not Visitors

    Build Audiences, Not Visitors

    One statistic that gets thrown around too easily these days is how much of a buyer’s journey is completed before the first sales contact. Some analysts claim that it’s 60 percent. Some say it’s as much as 74 percent.

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  • Altocloud Claims It Can Help You Reach Your Customers - Now

    A Silicon Valley startup is coming out of stealth mode to help you connect with your customers in real time. The company, Altocloud, is releasing what it describes as a unique solution today, which combines machine learning and predictive analytics with real time communications within websites and mobile apps.

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  • Customer Engagement is Usually a Sham

    If you’re ripping your customers off, you can’t expect to design an experience to engage them.  In 2014 Ernst & Young asked 24,000 consumers across 30 countries what they thought of insurance companies. Consumers trust insurance companies less than they trust bankers.

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  • How Adobe Analytics Adds Up AdobeSummit

    How Adobe Analytics Adds Up #AdobeSummit

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Think analytics and you probably think numbers. But that's just a starting point. The bottom line in analytics isn't numbers: it's the actionable insight that data provides. "We've totally changed to a data-driven business," said Ron Bertoncini, senior digital analytics manager for Telus (pictured here, r, with colleague Duc Nguyen). Telus is

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