DotNetNuke 5.6: Enhanced Workflows, Search, Google Analytics

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Open source web content management vendor DotNetNuke (news, site) keeps to pace with the release of v5.6 of its Professional and Enterprise editions that include better search functionality, enhanced Google analytics support and new workflow enhancements.

While these enhancements are restricted to the two editions mentioned above, it has also introduced a number of new enhancements for the community editions -- databse optimization, new configuration management and improved search.

DotNetNuke v5.6, Professional, Enterprise Editions

This is the first upgrade since August when the company shelved the Elite edition and replaced it with the Enterprise Edition.

Elite Edition made its first appearance in September 2009 with two editions: Regular and Premier, both comprised the code from the Professional Edition with added support. The new Enterprise Edition included the Professional Edition plus Elite Support, and a new key feature -- content staging.

Now, only a matter of months later both the Professional and Enterprise have been upgraded with a list of new enhancements that contain three principal upgrades. They include:

  • Site Search: Now enabled by a new engine that speeds up the process of locating files and pages across a site. Along with support for Boolean searches, phrase searches and even relevance searches, the engine includes rich query syntax. Its new true web spider can index any site --DotNetNuke or not.
  • Enhanced Analytics Support: Enhanced support for Google analytics includes upgrades to its integration abilities and now enables tracking of sub-domains as a single entity as well as five segmentation rules per page. The enhanced analytics is available in both the Enterprise and Professional Editions.
  • Content Approval Workflow Enhancements: Upgrades to the content approval workflow enables content managers to configure approvals at site, page and module levels, while users who will be impacted by the content changes will be able to view the changes before anything is published.

It also comes with content locking to prevent workflow conflicts as well as business rules that enable workflows with an unlimited number of states or reviews.


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v5.6 workflow enhancements

Community Edition

But the upgrades are not limited to these two editions. The Community Edition also got some attention and has three major upgrades. They include:

  • Search: Upgraded search includes enhanced indexing, enabling standard core search features to index page names, tag attributes and other metadata
  • Performance enhancements: Optimized database architecture and handling of web analytics tracking codes.
  • Configuration Manager: Offers better access and control over website configuration files without users having to access the files directly.

DotNetNuke is also offering a perpetual license option for existing Professional and Enterprise Editions subscription customers. Current DotNetNuke Corp. subscription customers may purchase a perpetual license to use the DotNetNuke Professional or Enterprise Edition version they are running on their production servers.

Whatever it’s doing, it must be doing it right. The company says that over the past year its annual revenue growth has jumped by 300% and added 1000 new subscribers to its business. Nice for the times we’re living in!