Drupal Assoc Elects New Leadership

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Drupal Assoc Elects New Leadership for 2009
2009 brings about promise, hope and most importantly change. And change comes in the fashion of newly elected leadership for the open source Web Content Management powerhouse, Drupal.

With the New Year not quite two months underway, Drupal has gone through the process of electing new leadership to spearhead their push into the future of content management. 27 applicants, some of whom were existing members reapplying, led to six new permanent members for a total of eight on the board. This brings the number of permanent Drupal members to an impressive 30.

Drupal was originally developed by Dries Buytaert as a message board and hit the open source content management world in 2001. Since then it has racked up a long list of awards, achievements, events and names from around the industry. With a new board and some new permanent members, Drupal’s future looks bright.

New Permanent Members

In their third election, votingfor the new board took place on Tuesday February 17th.  A two-thirds majority  vote from the general assembly was required to vote in the following people for permanent positions with Drupal:

  • Tiffany Farriss
  • Bill Fitzgerald
  • Cary Gordon
  • Jeff Robbins
  • David Strauss
  • Kristof Van Tomme

New Board Members

Once the new permanent members were selected, the new general assembly had to vote in new board members for 2009. Nine people were eligible for the board of which seven new members were voted in. The Drupal board now has 8 members.

Learning Opportunities

In addition to Dries Buytaert, the following are the seven new board members:

  • Angela Byron
  • Tiffany Farriss
  • Larry Garfield
  • Cary Gordon
  • Gerhard Killesreiter
  • Kieran Lal
  • Jacob Redding

Dries Knapen, founding member of the Drupal Association, has stepped down to focus on other professional endeavors.

Over the last year, Drupal has solidified their place at the top of the open source game. The outgoing 2008 board was responsible for two Drupalcons and the redesign of Drupal.org among other achievements.

Congratulations to new permanent and board members. Look for big things to come from the new board at Drupal in 2009.