eZ Press: eZ Publish Advanced Content Management

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eZ Publish releases new book on content management
Our friends at eZ Publish are coming at you with their latest offering, eZ Publish Advanced Content Management. It's a book that caters to the needs of content managers and webmasters, offering a comprehensive and advanced guide to managing content with open source eZ Publish Enterprise CMS. eZ Publish Advanced Content Management builds upon concepts from the eZ Publish Content Management Basics book, written by the same author, so if you don't already have this book, it would be a good place to start. The book covers the eZ Publish 4.0 and version 1.3 of the Website Interface.Topics covered include:* User management and the permission system* URL, cache, and extension management* Node visibility, delayed publishing, and the collaboration system* Content flow with eZ Flow* Searching with eZ Find* Tag clouds and blogs* Importing and exporting content with WebDAV and with .odt and .doc formats* Managing products in a webshopeZ Publish is a widely used Open Source Enterprise Content Management System that hails from Norway and sees more than 40,000 downloads per month. The eZ Publish Web CMS is a freely downloadable bundle that helps web publishers by offering development framework for web publishing, media portals, intranets and e-commerce websites. It's all the rage in Europe and South America, and with its recent addition of multilingual URL support, it's aiming itself at non-English speakers."Users can do great things with eZ Publish," explains Aleksander Farstad, CEO of eZ Systems. "With the eZ Publish Advanced Content Management book, we guide content managers through the powerful features in eZ Publish, helping them to create rich, interactive, and meaningful websites." The authors of this book, Bergfrid Marie Skaara and Peter Keung, both hold a wealth of relevant experience under their belts in both IT as well as in publishing, which should make for good readin'. The book can be ordered at the eZ website, and will also be available at this month's eZ Conference. A PDF version of the book will be sold six months after the release of the print version, so you can read it on your fancy new Kindle, I guess. Also check out Packt Publishing's eZ Publish book titled "Managing eZ Publish Web Content Management Projects" in case one book on eZ Publish just isn't enough for you.