Jahia Add-On Tool 'Frees' Digital Marketers to Engage

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Open source Web CMS provider Jahia wants to empower digital marketers with its latest tool.

The Geneva, Switzerland-based company this week launched Form Factory, which officials say frees digital marketing teams "in the creation and monitoring of their favorite engagement tools."

The add-on comes in the same year Jahia released its Digital Factory 7 which officials at the company say is part of a "rise of the digital industrialization."

Features Cater to Marketers 

How does Jahia promise to empower digital marketers with Form Factor?

Learning Opportunities

  • Create multi-step, multi-language, multi-conditions and validation-ruled forms through drag-and-drops
  • Manage all forms created from a central interface (the Form Center)
  • Monitor collected data, measure engagement (by form, field completion, period, etc.), export data etc.
  • Connect each/all/selected forms to external business app such as CRM, marketing automation tools, etc.
  • Extend the Form Factory with your own fields, groups of fields, validation, logic and custom consequences


"Not only can marketers create forms at will without depending on development teams," Jahia officials said, "but they also can monitor the effectiveness of their forms thanks to the Form Center: this allows marketers to fine-tune their engagement tools based on their real performance."

They promise the tool works well with a CRM solution, a marketing automation tool, a mailing app, a NoSQL database or even a company’s privileged users repository (LDAP, etc.).