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  • reindog

    All I Want for Christmas Is a New CMS

    It's been a while since I've written you a letter Santa, but I thought it was worth a try. I’m a CEO of a big fashion company — can’t tell you the name or I’d get in trouble with the management board.

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  • ez systems booth at tech conference

    eZ Systems Reveals Major Web CMS Release

    Porsgrunn, Norway-based eZ Systems, a global content management system (CMS) provider, has unveiled what company officials call its biggest platform release in more than a decade. It released a two-layer CMS: eZ Platform, an open source core for developers, and eZ Studio, an integrated set of tools for

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  • What's New For You This December in Open Source CMS

    A consortium of open source CMS vendors are making progress in their efforts to create more ethical web experience management. Earlier this year, Jahia, together with other vendors, launched initiatives to address the rapid growth of digital experience and the data it generates.

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  • clifford brown

    Why WordPress' Support For REST API Is a Big Deal

    Why? Because it will take WordPress into new directions entirely.

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  • double lightning

    Estimate, Shock, Repeat: Gaining Consensus on Big Digital Change

    Getting agreement on a decision like a big web presence change can be tough. Actually, scratch that. The problem is slightly different: getting people to think they agree can be simple, but having them understand what they are agreeing to (including the implications) is more of a challenge.

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  • Goes Open Source

    WordPress, the world's largest open source content management system (CMS), has just become even more open sourcier.  Chalk it up to some changes from Automattic, the web development corporation most notable for its contributions to WordPress and, the hosted version of WordPress. Automattic has overhauled WordPress.

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  • Webflow Launches ‘Visual CMS’

    A content management system (CMS) can be the lifeblood of your business. But users often characterize the platforms as clunky, difficult to manage and, in general, just a pain to use. San Francisco-based Webflow thinks it can change this. The company recently launched what it calls the “world’s first visual

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  • Kentico CMS Platform Unveils Version 9

    Web content management system (Web CMS) provider Kentico released the ninth version of its ASP.NET content management platform today. The release also includes updates to its e-commerce and online marketing capabilities.  Company officials released the new offerings at Kentico's Connection User and Partner Conference in Brno, Czech Republic, the company's headquarters.

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  • balloon resting on ceiling with the drupal mascot design

    Grab Your Party Hat: Drupal 8 Released

    The Drupal open source web content management community is whooping it up this week like they haven’t in almost five years. Drupal released the long-awaited Drupal 8.0 platform yesterday, setting off a series of bashes and social celebrations — 200 parties around the world according to Drupal creator Dries Buytaert.

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  • two men talking to a woman in front of a persistent systems booth at a technology conference

    Why Persistent Wanted Akumina's Tech, Talent

    Persistent Systems wants to help clients better deploy and manage Microsoft technologies like SharePoint. Akumina’s bread-and-butter product, InterChange, optimizes the SharePoint experience. That made their partnership an easy choice, officials from each side told CMSWire this week.

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  • Episerver Tries to Rebuild its Brand

    Stockholm-based Episerver has a new logo and a new nickname: epi. But the company claims it's changing more than its branding. Episerver, a provider of web content management and digital marketing software, has been trying to redefine itself since merging with Nashua, N.H.-based Ektron early this year.

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  • Looking at a bridge's girdings

    What Search-Based Architecture Provides Your Customers

    When most people think of search, they think of Google, its omnipotent little white box and immense cloud organizing the world’s information, waiting patiently for someone to ask a question in exchange for a few bits of advertising. But search is much larger than Google, or any website search.

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  • mobile device user

    Trilibis Promises Speedier Delivery of Mobile Apps

    It just launched RAIN, a framework for ISVs to repurpose content in a CMS or commerce system as a mobile app.

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  • Whats New for You This November in Open Source CMS

    WordPress users are invited to test the version 4.4 Beta 2 release in advance of the Dec. 8 full release. This is software still in development, so resist the urge to run it on a production site.

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