Vignette Delivers Architecture of Participation

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As the desire to use Web 2.0 technologies moves inside the enterprise, content management system providers are scrambling to build solutions to meet the new demand.Vignette is the latest to fall in line, with the release of a new version of their collaboration platform.Creatively dubbed Vignette Collaboration, the latest release promises everything that people think of when they think of Web 2.0 -- online communities, simple knowledge management, user generated content and social networking.The Collaboration product is intended to bridge the gap between an organization's externally facing website and the internal tools utilized by employees.By using a homogeneous platform, organizations can not only collaborate more effectively internally but in a so very Web 2.0 way, also leverage the ability to work more closely with their customers.Early adopters of the enhanced version of Vignette Collaboration are doing just that -- allowing employees and clients to share knowledge and work together on various projects.The assets from these projects: case studies, project plans, invoices, contracts, etc., are all managed in the same environment and accessible in spite of geographic location.A spokesperson for one of the initial implementers praised the product, saying:"In addition to the massive amount of IP generated and stored on Vignette Collaboration, we have established efficient workflow processes to ensure timely approval of collateral and enable information sharing inside and outside our firewall,... Vignette Collaboration is our most effective and consistent platform for connecting employees with clients and pooling our knowledge and resources to provide the highest quality information to our customers."Along with supporting information sharing and collaborative business processes, Vignette Collaboration provides the following participation features:* Blog, RSS, and Wiki support* "Configure and Go" business processes applied to team workspaces* Integration with Vignette Portal and Vignette Content Management for collaborative Web site publishing* Rich text editing capabilitiesAccording to Vignette, the social networking and knowledge sharing capabilities of Vignette Collaboration are essential if enterprises hope to deliver a next-generation web experience. And with regards to what constitutes a next generation web experience, we simply could not agree more.