Media Ethics Workshop: Whose Rules

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Discussing the ethics of media online
Remember the whole AP Blogging debacle? It's as resolved as it can be. But that's no reason why we can't continue to discuss the issue. If you're not going to Paris in September, you can opt to go to Ohio. The Poynter Institute joins Kent State University for a Media Ethics Workshop on September 18 at the Kent State main campus in Ohio.This year, the theme is "Whose Rules?" which addresses online ethics for bloggers and blogging. The aim is to bring together top media professionals, bloggers, industry experts for "a no-holds-barred discussion of online ethics" and rules for bloggers. I'm sure everyone will have an eye out for an appearance by the AP. And if they aren't there, you can be sure their ears will be burning. Scheduled to appear include:* Keynote speaker, New York University's Jay Rosen -- remember walled gardens* Blogger and former Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget* The Plain Dealer Editor Susan Goldberg* Poynter's Kelly McBride and Bob Steele* Former newspaper analyst Lauren Rich Fine.The day is jam-packed with discussions like: The pace of journalism and media online: What’s fair in the blogosphere? Should there be rules for bloggers? There will also be a number of sessions that tackle such subjects as the landscape for online media, the definition of a journalist, and the future of traditional media in an online world. Examples include: * Political Blogging: Information, Innuendo, Insults and Spin* Online 101: What Students Need to Know About Snark, Social Networks and Survival in Cyberspace* The Future of Traditional Media in a Digital UniverseIf you're a blogger, read blogs or know a blogger, this workshop is bound to provoke -- at the very least -- an interesting dialogue. Register today!