MySpace to Enter Webmail Chase with New Service?

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MySpace Webmail Client in the works

In these days nearly every tech company is seeking the holy grail of new services, software, SaaS options or enterprise 2.0 solutions. The organizations want to get that edge they may need to hold their ground.

However, it seems a little odd that anyone would think that another webmail client is really what we need. MySpace seems to think this is the case, and has a stealth webmail client in the works as their newest 1-2 punch.

Judging by the numbers released recently by Comscore, Facebook is set to overtake MySpace on the field of unique visitors by this time next year. And MySpace has answered by beginning development of a webmail client all their own. With MySpace already in heavy competition with Facebook, having to now compete with the likes of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail may be akin to committing Hari-kiri.

Initial signs of this new service first began to appear in the form of MySpace employees email address slowly matriculating to [name]@myspace-inc.com. And it has been rumored that when (and if) this new service hits the streets that users will get a [username]@myspace.com address. This is the same evolution that transpired when Yahoo! began its webmail services.

Learning Opportunities

Although still in development, the service is not set to have any spectacular bells and whistles. It is set at this point to provide the same basic functions as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and the others. This may change as the development process continues, and if they do any beta testing you can be sure that it will change some. No word has been released as to when the service might be made available to the public.

With Facebook hot on their heels for unique visitors, MySpace is looking to stand their ground by entering an even more competitive aspect of the web. But with around 125 million users (Comscore numbers), they would enter the competition in third place behind Microsoft and Yahoo! (284 and 277 million users respectively), provided all 125 million users log in and actively use the webmail client -- which is unlikely.

It seems everyone is scrambling to stay afloat these days. And MySpace will make a bold move if and when their new webmail client is released. Perhaps not the best course of action and some would even argue that they need to be focusing on the migraine-inducing layouts on many of the profiles instead of attempting a whole new service. But the question still remains if this new service will ever see light.