CorasWorks Enhances Partner Program: Packages, Pricing, AppStore

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Install Third Party Apps on SharePoint with CorasWorks AppEngine
CorasWorks (news, site) offers solutions to help you develop SharePoint based applications quicker. A recent example of this was the new AppEngine that supports the ability to download and install plug and play applications into the SharePoint environment.

There are a number of CorasWork partners that will take advantage of this AppEngine and other solutions. And CorasWorks wants to make this partnership better so that partners can quickly develop SharePoint applications based on their solutions.

A win win for everyone right? So what enhancements are CorasWorks offering their partners?

New Product Packages and Pricing Structures: The AppEngine now lists for US$ 4,000 for the first server, both CorasWorks Workplace Suite and the Data Integration Toolset list for US$ 10,000. In addition, you can bundled Workplace and the Data Integration Toolset for US$15,000 for a server license. These new pricing structures are for a certain size client, so be sure to check the details there.

Learning Opportunities

New Offering for Application Publishers: A new program for application providers to enable them to build, publish and distribute solutions that include CorasWorks products. This includes the new AppStore where you can purchase add-on solutions for SharePoint.

CorasWorks see the value of its partners which include Value-Added Resellers, Service Providers, OEM Partners, Technology Partners, Training Partners and Application Publisher Partners. Obviously making partners lives easier and more cost friendly goes a long way towards keep CorasWorks profitable.

Get all the details on the revamped Partner Program on their website.