Extended Workflow for SharePoint Designer: Emails,Twitter Updates

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Who knew there were so many vendors out there specializing in SharePoint (news, site) web parts and add-ons? Virto Software is one of these vendors and they are offering an add-on kit to SharePoint Designer for extended workflow activities.

SharePoint (MOSS and WSS -- does offer some out of the box workflows, but there are basic. You can add new workflow by creating them in either Visual Studio or SharePoint Designer. Now Visual Studio is the most advanced approach to workflows, but the Designer isn't too bad.

Extending SharePoint Designer Workflow Activities

Virto Software has built on to the capabilities of SharePoint Designer by offering Virto Workflow Activities Kit Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007.

These extended activities are a set of code blocks that you add to Designer. When creating a new workflow, you can then select from the activities that comes with Designer or from this list of activities.


Virto Workflow Kit for SharePoint Designer

Here's a sample of the type of activities that come with the Virto Extended Activities Kit:

Learning Opportunities

  • Messaging: Send a tweet to Twitter
  • SMS and Instant Messaging: Send messages to GTalk, Jabber or Miranda
  • Email: Add list item or HTTP attachment to your email and receive email
  • Active Directory: Get user information from Active Directory, upload attachments to SharePoint and pull items from SharePoint to send as email attachment
  • HTTP Activities: Change Permissions on list item, receive HTML, send an HTTP POST
  • InfoPath Activities: Get and Set form inner text/xml fields
  • List: Copy list item, loop through a list


Virto Twitter Update

Additional activities in the works include FTP and additional Active Directory capabilities.

You can download a trial of the kit and give it whirl. There are two editions of the toolkit available:

  • A Commercial, Standard, Single Server License for US$ 995
  • A Developer License for US$ 199 (you must also order a production license to get one of these)

The kit works with the current version of SharePoint and WSS, including the .NET framework version 3. In addition, you need to be working on Internet Explorer 7 or above.