Prepare Your Site for Traffic Spikes with BrowserMob

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Fear of being having your site go down from too much traffic is a common fear for the smaller business. BrowserMob is here to prevent that.

If It Crashes, They Can't Come

If your website is your company, then having it go down for any period of time can cripple you. Huge interest in your site can see the server(s) unable to cope with demand.

Your new product launch, interest generated by a story from a major news site, winning an award and other factors can all drive an upswell of visitors to your site. And, if it goes down as they all try to check it out, they're unlikely to come back.

BrowserMob is here to prevent that by monitoring and stress testing a site -- including AJAX and Flash sites -- to see if it can handle the load. It can also find fundamental flaws and compatibility issues that could prevent potential customers having a good experience.

The service offers load testing, using servers and virtual users to send a stream of data at your site and using it as real users would. The results helps to highlight weaknesses in the site and tests how many users and data it can handle. This is not only handy for knowing a site's weak points, it can also be used to judge how much bandwidth your site can handle and what you should charge users if you have a pay service.


See if your site will fly or die under stress

Users can create set tests using the Selenium IDE package to create a walkthrough of your site or a particular set of pages. Statistics such as response time, throughput and error rates can all be monitored and acted upon.

Learning Opportunities


When sites go bad

Data is saved in MySQL format and is available directly to the user. Screenshots of errors are captured and available to help debug wonky code.

With a free trial available, you can see how it can benefit your site without extra expense. BrowserMob is proud of its low costs and can offer a range of testing from just US$ 150.